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£100,000 improvement scheme approved for notorious Stanningley Bottom junction

By John Baron

The notorious Stanningley Bottom junction – once likened to the ‘surface of the moon’ – is set to benefit from a £100,000 scheme which highways chiefs say will make the road safer to use.

Details of the scheme emerged this afternoon and feature plans to restore the deteriorating road surface to a high quality, and to change the two continental-style ’roundels’ into two mini-roundabouts, as well as adding relevant signage and markings to make them clear to motorists.

There are also plans to improve pedestrian infrastructure at the two existing zebra crossings.

A map detailing the new scheme for Stanningley Bottom.

The scheme follows calls last year from Conservative, Green and Labour councillors on both the inner and outer west community committees for an urgent package of improvements in the area, which has been subject to complaints by motorists about its safety and the deteriorating road surface.

A council report published today states: “There are local perceptions that this location is unsafe despite the limited number of recorded injury collisions, and the improvement package detailed in this report will address those concerns.”

Some of the faded markings on the roundels at Stanningley Bottom. Photo: Darren Bullough

Cllr Peter Carlill (Lab, Calverley & Farsley) welcomed the report. He said: “It’s good to see these works ready to come forward, as agreed by all councillors on the Inner and Outer West community committees.

“I understand some of the thinking behind the previously unmarked junction, in encouraging people to slow down and take more care on the approach – and it has had some success in doing that. But it is clear from speaking to residents that many people don’t understand the layout or are unsure of how to use the junction in its present state.

“As well as the safety concerns, the surface has badly deteriorated and is greatly in need of resurfacing, which will be completed along with these works. It’s hoped the clearer markings will also deter parking on the junction, which is another issue I have raised often.”

Cllr Andrew Carter (Cons, Calverley & Farsley), who last year likened the junction to the ‘surface of the moon’, said: “I regret to say we’ve had to ‘shame’ the council into doing something.

“They’ve been dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ into action and at last they’ve agreed. Let’s hope they make a good job of it so that pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists know what’s supposed to be going where. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on the situation.”

The new scheme was welcomed by Bramley & Stanningley councillor Kevin Ritchie (Lab) who said: “I am pleased that they have found some funding to deliver this long-overdue scheme.”

The improvements are earmarked to be completed before the end of 2023.

The road layout was introduced as part of the CityConnect cycle superhighway project back in 2016 and has already been subject to revision since then.

Only this morning, WLD featured photographs taken by a reader in Stanningley, highlighting his concerns over the deteriorating road surface and labelling it ‘the worst junction in Leeds‘.

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