Your photos: West Leeds in the snow

View over New Wortley Cemetery. Photo: Michelle Angel Corns

Photos: Michelle Corns, Helen Fay, Katherine Turner and Kelvin Wakefield

Our community reporters have been out and about taking photos as a blanket of snow covered West Leeds today.

The snow is supposed to turn to sleet and then rain overnight, with tomorrow expected to be showery and warmer with highs of eight degrees centigrade.

Here’s a selection of photos:

Bramley, looking towards Leeds and Bradford Road – showing The Acorn pub. Photo: Kelvin Wakefield
A snowy Western Flatts Park in Wortley. Photo: Katherine Turner
Snow starts to cover in the Armley terraces. Photo: Helen Fay
An early afternoon dusting of snow in Wortley. Photo: Katherine Turner
The view from the West Leeds Dispatch Community newsroom in Bramley as snow comes down on Stannignley Road. Photo: John Baron
A snowy outlook in Pudsey. Photo: Amy Downes

Send us your photos to We’ll publish a selection!

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