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Youngsters from Bramley and Stanningley campaign to become Leeds Children’s Mayor

Two young people from Bramley and Stanningley have begun campaigning to become the next Leeds Children’s Mayor.

Both candidates have published manifestos of their plans, should they be successful.

Josh Dennison from Stanningley Primary School wants to create a Poverty Awareness Week to help promote kindness.

Jaxon Luxford from Bramley St Peter’s Primary School wants to raise awareness of disability discrimination by making schools, clubs and playgrounds more fun and inclusive.

Both candidates will be appearing at several community events over the coming weeks to ask young people to vote for them, including the Leeds 2023 event in Bramley and Stanningley on Sunday 27 August.

Jaxon Luxford said: “I believe that ending disability discrimination is important to children and young people in Leeds because people often treat children with disabilities and unique abilities differently.

“Often, as I have learnt myself through having Autism, they can be excluded from activities that children without SEND are able to join in with.”

Josh Dennison said: “Due to the current cost of living crisis, there are more people on the streets, or close to it, than ever.

“Some people can’t afford basic essentials such as food, clothes, housing and heating. If elected, I will work with schools in Leeds to educate young people about poverty and homelessness and establish a Poverty Awareness Week to support our most vulnerable.”

Councillors Tom Hinchcliffe, Kevin Ritchie and Caroline Gruen (Labour, Bramley and Stanningley) said: “We’re thrilled to have two excellent candidates for Children’s Mayor in Bramley and Stanningley. It was great to meet with Jaxon, Josh and their supportive families to discuss their manifestos.

“We paid tribute to their courage in putting themselves forward at such a young age and their commitment to tackling poverty and discrimination in our city. We’re looking forward to supporting them over the coming weeks. Vote Jaxon and Josh!”

People aged 18 or under can cast their vote for the next children’s mayor here. There are a dozen candidates from across the city.

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