Yarnbombing: Bramley is blooming lovely!


Should you happen to be passing along Stanningley Road any time soon a curious sight may catch your eye as you near the Bramley Lawn Social Centre, writes Debby Dean.

Blink and you could well miss it, but look closely and there you will find the latest in a series of yarnbomb installations that have decorated the streets of Leeds 13 this summer.

What is yarnbombing? Basically it’s a form of non-permanent, urban graffiti that uses yarn or fibre to create fun, colourful displays of knitting, crochet etc that transform public spaces and bring a smile to people of all ages.

Bramley’s latest piece of floral inspired, urban art has certainly cheered up the front of this building and with more installations planned for the near future it looks like this particular part of West Leeds is set to look blooming lovely!


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