Would you cycle here? Photo campaign highlights Stanningley Bottom danger


A national campaign highlighting dangerous places to cycle has featured Stanningley Bottom – and the route of the £29 million cycle superhighway linking east Leeds and Bradford

Mark Treasure posted an image of buses at Stanningley Bottom on the B6157 for The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s ‘Insert love one here‘ campaign.

Check out the image and more details here.

The national campaign shines a light on bad cycling infrastructure by asking one simple question: would you want your loved ones cycling on it? See more photographs and upload your own here.

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is a voluntary campaign group act which acts a conduit for best practice around the world and get standards, as opposed to guidelines, implemented to create cycle infrastructure that people will use.

What do you think about the situation at Stanningley Bottom? Do you have any cycling danger spots? Have your say in the comments section below or take part in the Embassy’s campaign.






  1. Ironically there is confusion is because it isn’t confusing enough for drivers. There is a still a carriageway, kerbs, pavements, bollards with a crossing and zig zags and lighter and darker surfaces. Road and pavement are still delineated.

    Get rid of the tarmac, the crossing, the white lines, the pavement edgings, bollards and have a single surface across the whole width with no street furniture , road markings whatsoever.

    Be brave for once and be in the press for good reasons.

  2. All that money spent in a cycle superhighway and we’re still getting basic problems like this. Ridiculous really.

    How can places like Amsterdam get it so right and Leeds get it so wrong?

  3. I have gathered over the years that modern traffic management is focused on making people feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

    This is because when people feel unsafe they are more vigilant and less likely to have an accident.

    So it may be that this is deliberate psychology here.

  4. Can’t see owt wrong with this, I’m sure the cycle super highway team know about it and are busily employed applying for a £6 million EC grant to build the Stanningly Bottom three lane cycle flyover and interchange (before Brexit kicks in mind you).

    Meanwhile will all cyclists please use the diversion via Swinnow Lane, Swinnow Road, Low Town, Lane End and Richardshaw Lane. (The Coal Hill Lane diversion is available for those training for next year’s Tour de Yorkshire).


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