Wortley traffic signals to be updated as part of £600k city scheme


Ageing traffic signals in Wortley will be replaced as part of a £600,000 scheme refurbishing existing signals across the city.

A Leeds City Council report says the signals on the A58 Whitehall Road/Ring Road will be replaced as part of the scheme to update obsolete traffic signal controllers and

It’s one of 22 signals across the city to be updated in a bid to improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians. A council report says:

“The proposals in this report will facilitate more efficient and safer control at traffic signal installations. This will result in a reduced frequency of faults which means that the signals will be fully operational for more of the time. It also enables newer, more reliable, technology to be introduced for pedestrians including better equipment for those with visual and/or mobility impairments.”

The report can be read in full here.


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