Wortley: New landlords support men’s mental health group with fundraiser

Eleanor Lindley and her husband, David, have taken over the Hanover Arms in Wortley. Photo: Jacinta Osawe

By Jacinta Osawe

New managers of the Hanover Arms pub in Wortley plan to make more out of a community pub by creating an environment where people can come to get support and comfort.

Eleanor Lindley and her husband, David Lindley, took over managing the Hanover Arms four weeks ago, and will be holding series of events this year to help raise funds and awareness for good causes. 

Mrs Lindley said the first event for the year, “The Check-in Party”, would be on Saturday, 28 January 2023 from 8pm, to help raise funds for the Andy’s Man Club, a group which supports men’s mental health.

Eleanor and David outside the pub. Photo: Jacinta Osawe

“It’s raising awareness of what going on at this moment in time, and making sure that everyone in January is okay, so we are raising money for Andy’s Man Club,” she said. “Last week 107 people attended Andy’s Man Club, and the one in Leeds had 16 new members. We are trying to support them as much as we possibly can.”

Mrs Lindley added that the Andy’s Man Club and other forms of support would be present in the event for people to come and get help with whatever they might be struggling with. The event will feature live entertainment and a talking bench has been installed for people to take a moment and gather their thoughts with friends and family.

Her plan isn’t to just have a community pub where people can just come up to because they want a drink or because it’s a pub but rather a place where people can come, to be listened to and looked after.

“Even though it’s just me and my husband, our staff will say ‘yeah come and have a chat’, if you are at home we are here, don’t be on your own.

“I cooked Christmas dinner for people who are on their own, so my customers can stay and have dinner with us because I don’t want people to be left alone.”

Inside the Hanover Arms in Wortley. Photo: Jacinta Osawe

Mrs Lindley stated that she and her husband has been in the pub business for a long time and have had 14 pubs: “David has only done it for six years whereas I have done it 14 years, and our little girl has been in it five years. She was born into the pub life.” 

Mrs Lindley added the reason for her taking over the Hanover Arms is because she wanted a better life.

Inside the Hanover Arms in Wortley. Photo: Jacinta Osawe

“Because Craft Union are a big company that can offer more for the money, we have a lot more offers like six bottles for £14, the price of beer is cheaper and you have got your loyalty card and things like that, so it’s still making us a wage even though we are working harder for the wages.

“It’s giving back, they are reducing their price because they know people can’t get out and some people need a pub to come to because of the atmosphere and the talk.” 

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