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Woman’s head shave supports girl with genetic disease

By Jess Wong

A woman with cancer has had her head shaved to raise £305 for a woman with a genetic condition.

The Armley community came together to support Dawn Charlesworth after she organised a sponsored head shave to raise funds for a young girl with mitochondrial disease.

Dawn’s journey has been filled with adversity. “In January, my partner died, and two days later I found out I had cancer,” she said. Afterwards, she underwent a parathyroidectomy and a thyroidectomy, with radiotherapy scheduled for July.

See below for images of Dawn before and after her head shave:

Despite her own battles, Dawn said she wants to make a difference in someone else’s life.

The recipient of this support is the granddaughter of Dawn’s best friend. Afflicted with mitochondrial disease, a rare genetic disorder affecting the body’s energy production, the young woman now requires end-of-life care.

Recognising the challenges faced by the young girl and her family, Dawn has taken it upon herself to raise funds for a special trip for them.

Dawn hopes to create memories for the pair through a spa weekend or an opportunity to spend quality time in a peaceful location.

Dawn thanked supporters and added: “No contribution is too small and each act of kindness is instrumental in helping.

“Most kids don’t live up to the age of four but some carry it through to a later age and it’ll grow from there. She is, I think, 25 now and is struggling.”

Kayleigh D’Abundo cuts Dawn’s hair.

The hairdresser who cut Dawn’s hair, Kayleigh D’Abundo, said she feels good to be a part of this event. “I have participated in a few of these events, and it is great.”

Donations can still be made here.


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