Why you should always recycle your batteries


Recycling batteries admittedly isn’t quite as easy as recycling paper or plastic, because they aren’t collected with your household waste like other recyclables, writes Lucy Ravenhall.

This means effort is required, which could put some people off and lead to them chucking their used batteries in with the general waste. However, it would be a really poor choice for the environment to do that and could even put lives at risk.

Why should I recycle batteries?

Batteries that end up landfill are very bad for the environment. Not only is it bad for the raw materials to end up in landfill, but batteries contain corrosive chemicals which leach into the soil and waterways, and are toxic. This is a hazard to human health and wildlife.

Also, batteries thrown in with the general household waste have been known to cause fires in refuse collection vehicles, due to contact with other waste items.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) said on the matter:

“HSE would urge members of the public to safely dispose of batteries at recycling points. Disposing of batteries in waste collections can lead to the risk of injury to refuse workers and members of the public from fires and explosions.”

On another note, it uses less energy to recycle old batteries into new batteries than it does to create new batteries from scratch, so it is beneficial to recycle as many old batteries as possible.

Overall, you can see why recycling batteries is so important to human health, wildlife and the general environment.

Where can I recycle batteries?

Collect your batteries up in a container until it’s full, and then simply take them to a local supermarket, library, retail outlet or public building. If you combine the trip with doing the food shop or getting a few books out at the library, it will be easy and won’t feel like a chore.

Article by Lucy Ravenhall of Forge Waste & Recycling.






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