What are the community policing priorities in your part of West Leeds?

pudsey bus station
the number 9 stops at Pudsey Bus Station.

The Leeds West neighbourhood policing team is looking to crack down on issues such as speeding drivers and anti-social behaviour in our communities.

The NPT is one of 47 NPTs made up of inspectors, sergeants, constables and police community support officers and each year sets community issues for its officers to target.

The teams work closely with communities to tackle the issues most important to local people.

Here’s a list of issues for each of the five council wards which make up West Leeds:

Armley Ward

  1. Tackle anti-social behaviour and street drinking on Town Street. Increasing visible police patrols and working reinforcing anti-social behaviour legislation. Police work with Street Outreach and addiction services to support change. Police will also work alongside Youth Services to support changes and diversionary activities with youths.
  2. To deal with on-going street level drug dealing. Police aim to develop community-based intelligence to deter and disrupt offending. People can ring 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or crimestoppers-uk.org.
  3. To promote road safety by tackling anti-social use of cars and motor bikes in the area by carrying out road safety operations.

Bramley & Stanningley

  1. To target anti-social vehicle use, speeding and inconsiderate parking in and around identified hot spot areas in Bramley. Positive action will be taken where possible regarding driving offences and high-visibility officers will be utilised.
  2. To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths at the Bramley shopping centre, particularly utilising Misuse of Drugs and Anti-Social Behaviour legislation. Officers will be conducting regular high-visibility patrols in the area and will engage with attendees where possible, utilizing a multi-agency approach to help divert offending and offenders.
  3. To tackle the use of off-road bikes and quads being ridden within the Bramley area. Relevant legislation will be utilised when possible to remove bikes from the road. Positive action will be taken against repeat offenders through use of section 59 legislation and/or prosecution for traffic offences.


  1. To tackle theft of motor vehicles, including motorcycles and associated burglary offences in the area by proactively targeting offenders and conducting high visibility patrols in the area. This will be supported by the provision of education for residents, limiting the offenders opportunity to commit the offences.
  2. To reduce and prevent the anti-social use of motorcycle and related crime. NPT are working with partners to reduce access to land and routes. In addition, police will conduct operations and actively target repeat offenders using road traffic law and seizures.
  3. To tackle anti-social behaviour at Kirkstall Shopping Centre. High visibility patrols and increase communication with the stores are being carried out and police will utilise powers to actively prevent repeat offenders from attending the area.


  1. To disrupt and engage with nuisance youths in the town centre. Officers have incorporated problem areas into their patrol plans and repeat offenders will be dealt with robustly and ensuring that additional police powers are used to prevent and deter individuals from re-attending the area.
  2. To tackle residential burglary by targeting those involved in burglaries, carry out hi-visibility patrols in identified areas and provide crime prevention advice to residents.
  3. To tackle anti-social vehicle use, and speeding in and around identified hot spot areas within the Pudsey area.

Farnley and Wortley

  1. Anti-social behaviour on the Whincovers/Butterbowl area, including high-visibility patrols and by deploying additional police powers to prevent this behaviour.
  2. Anti-social behaviour and drug dealing on the Heights. Police will continue to target individual offenders whilst encouraging members of the public to report information.
  3. Speeding on Whitehall Road and parking issues when Leeds United play at home. Conducting visible operations to deter and educate offenders.

Calverley and Farsley

  1. To target the use of anti-social, off-road motorcycles and quad bikes in Calverley and Ravenscliffe Woods, by working in partnership with Bradford East NPT, Operation Steerside & Leeds Off Road Bike Team.
  2. To target speeding and anti-social motorists on Bradford Road from Dawson’s Corner to Thornbury Roundabout, by conducting high-visibility patrols and the deployment of a ProLaser to capture and deter offending.
  3. To tackle residential burglaries by conducting high visibility patrols, targeting and disrupting known offenders and delivering of crime prevention advice to residents.

More information on Leeds West Neighbourhood Policing Team can be found here.

Are the police successful in tackling these issues? Have your say in the comments section below.


  1. only time we see a policeman where i live is if something has gone wrong spoke to a policeman after a local break in he was even aware our area existed

  2. the council has spent thousands of pounds on road marking and signs they are not policed so majority of time the signs are ignored some areas marked with DOUBLE yellow lines are looked on as private parking spots by some calverley wants regular policing

  3. When one pays for a service, then one expects to get a result for the monies that have been invested, a little like getting value for money when you purchase the necessary things in life. However, why should we have to pay the policing precept on our council tax, when we get absolutely nothing in return.? The nearest fully manned police station is in Elland Road, miles away from Pudsey, The police on the streets in Pudsey are like trying to find rocking horse droppings, and when you do see one, it’s a PCSO, with little or no powers, and a token presence of a uniform. I look forward to receiving my Council Tax demand from the Coronation Street actress! (Sorry, Mayor), to see how much they will try to extort from me for a service which borders on the pathetic!!!!


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