Networking event brings West Leeds small businesses together


Small business leader and entrepreneurs from across West Leeds (and beyond) gathered recently for the inaugural West Leeds Small Business Networking Event, writes Jo Fiddes.

The event was hosted by Castleton Mill in Armley in partnership with Rachel Reeves MP and Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, in recognition of the growing business community in West Leeds.

west leeds business networking event 2

Dirk Mischendal, co-owner of Castleton Mills and founder of Northern Bloc ice cream, said:

“Our aim is to create a new network for West Leeds businesses, providing a platform for networking and business support, delivering regular updates to members, as well as developing a strong representative body to address on-going challenges particular to the West Leeds business community.”

west leeds business networking event 1

Speaking at the event, Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves said:

“This networking event will allow small business owners to make important connections with like-minded individuals and provide a forum for mutual support, and also offers opportunities to share knowledge and business experiences.”

More than 100 small local businesses were in attendance. Delegates were extremely diverse, and included Nicola from NH Events (a Murder Mystery Escape Room located in Castleton Mill), Anja from Anja UK Photography (a specialist new born baby photography firm located in Wortley), and Becky, an award-winning cake maker and founder of Pudsey-based Cabbage Patch Bakery.

west leeds business networking event 3

Sarah Williams, business development manager at RAM Films, declared it: “One of the best new networking events in Leeds!”

If you’re a small business and would be interesting in attending future networking events, you can find out more by contacting Sue at For more about the Goldmann Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme, contact the recruitment team at 10KSB.RECRUIT@LEEDS.AC.UK.


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