West Leeds: Has your road been earmarked for improvement by council?

kirkstall potholes
Photo: Stuart Long

A number of roads in West Leeds have been earmarked for improvement as part of £22.76 million package of city-wide highways maintenance by Leeds City Council.

Schemes of note include £390,000 on the replacement of failed bridge bearings at Owlcotes in Pudsey, replacement of parapet safety fencing at Stanningley Bypass and £425,000 on the cleaning and re-painting of all cast iron and re-setting historic stone setts at Newlay Bridge in Bramley.

A council report – which can be read in full here – says:

“The council budget proposals for 2018/19 highlights that the funding available for highway maintenance, along with other services, is under increasing pressure. It is essential that the limited funding available is used as strategically as possible to ensure that it has the optimum overall impact on the city’s road network.”

Work has been split up into several categories:

Structural Maintenance

A programme of structural maintenance to strengthen and resurface with associated kerb and footway works where required.

Bramley & Stanningley ward

Calverley Lane – Broad Lane To Leeds & Bradford Road

Half Mile Green – Half Mile Lane To Start Of Blocks

Calverley & Farsley

Brookfield Avenue – Rodley Lane To End

Calverley Lane – (B6156) Bagley Lane To A6120 Ring Road

Carr Hill Road – Victoria Street To Carr Hill Drive

Priesthorpe Road – Ring Road To Calverley Lane

Richardshaw Road – Richardshaw Lane To Cul De Sac (Richardshaw Road)

Wadlands Rise – Priesthorpe Road To Red Lane

Woodhall Lane – Rockwood Road To Calverley Golf Club

Woodhall Road – 60m North Of Crossfield Farm To Woodhall Court


Farnley & Wortley

Bangor Grove – Cow Close Road To Branch Street

Bangor Place – Branch Street To Cow Close Road

Bangor Street – Branch Street To Cow Close Road

Beechfield – Lawns Lane To Opp 38 Lawns Lane

Cow Close Road – Bangor Terrace To Branch Road

Green Hill Lane – Upper Wortley Road To Green Hill Gardens

Green Hill Lane – Green Hill Gardens To Leysholme Drive

Green Hill Lane – Leysholme Drive To Boundary Of House 110

Greenside Close – Greenside Road To End

Lawns Close – Lawns Terrace To End

Lawns Crescent – Beechfield To End

Lawns Croft – Beechfield To End

Lawns Drive – Beechfield To End

Lawns Green – Beechfield To End

Lawns Mount – Beechfield To End

Lawns Terrace – Beechfield To End

Lower Wortley Road – Greenville Gardens To Oldfield Lane


Abbeydale Vale – Abbeydale Oval To End

St Anns Lane – Burley Road To Kirkstall Lane

Stanmore Hill – Cardigan Lane To Lumley Road

Vesper Road – Spen Lane To Hawkswood Grove


Harley Drive – Swinnow Road To Swinnow Lane

Preventative Maintenance

A programme of preventative maintenance to the adopted road network consisting of surface treatments to the carriageway or footway to arrest deterioration.


Gilpin Place – St Mary’s Close To End

Gilpin Terrace – St Mary’s Close To Barrier

Gilpin View – St Mary’s Close To Farcroft Terrace

Mistress Lane – Chapel Lane To Entry Parking Area O/S Hse 85 (Rest Private)

Redshaw Road – Tong Road To End

St Mary’s Close – Tong Road To End

Wyther Park Avenue – Wyther Park Road To Wyther Park Hill

Wyther Park Crescent – Wyther Park Road Adj Hse16 To Wyther Park Road Adj Hse 42

Wyther Park Mount – Cockshott Lane To Bollards

Wyther Park Road – Houghley Lane To Barrier Adj Hses 38/40

Wyther Park Square – Wyther Park Road To End

Wyther Park Street – Wyther Park Road To Wyther Park Mount

Wyther Park Terrace – Wyther Park Street To Houghley Lane

Wyther Park View – Wyther Park Crescent To Wyther Park Hill

Bramley & Stanningley

Fairfield Terrace – Fairfield Grove To Rosemont Street

Intake Lane Leeds & Bradford Road To Coal Hill Lane

Victoria Park Grove Outgang Lane To Raynville Road

Calverley & Farsley

Capel Street – Shell Lane To Towngate

Cross Lane – Whincover Drive To Hall Lane

Shell Lane – Woodhall Road To Monson Avenue

Springbank Close – Wesley Street To Springbank Road

Farnley & Wortley

Butt Lane – Ring Road A6110 To Pudsey Road

Fawcett Gardens – Fawcett Way To End

Fawcett Way – Fawcett Gardens To Fawcett Vale

Hall Lane – Cross Lane To Tong Road

Kitson Close – Oldfield Lane To End

Kitson Gardens – Oldfield Avenue To End

Lytham Grove – Cow Close Road To Branch Street

Lytham Place – Branch Street To Cow Close Road

Oldfield Avenue – Oldfield Lane To End


Wellstone Garth – Wellstone Avenue To House Number 141

Structural Maintenance (Provisional)

A provisional programme of structural maintenance to the adopted road network to strengthen and resurface with associated kerb and footway works where required. These provisional schemes
in for 2019/20 will be brought forward into the 2018/19 year programme should planned schemes be delayed.


Clyde Approach – Entrance To Clyde Court To Bruce Gardens

Halliday Place – Halliday Drive To Halliday Mount

Landseer Avenue – Raynville Road To Victoria Park Avenue

Wyther Park Hill – Cockshott Lane To End

Bramley & Stanningley

Broad Lane – Leeds/Bradford Rd Entry Then Britannia St To Swinnow Lane End

Calverley & Farsley

Moorland Drive – Moorland Grove To Moorland Road

Peckover Drive – Start Of Island To End

Springbank Road – Springbank Close To Bagley Lane

Westdale Drive – Highfield Green To End

Farnley & Wortley

Cliffe Park Chase – Cliffe Park Terrace To End

Cliffe Park Close – Cliffe Park Crescent To End

Cliffe Park Crescent – Blue Hill Lane To Blue Hill Lane

Cliffe Park Mount – Cliffe Park Crescent To End

Farrow Green – Farrow Hill To End

Fawcett Drive – Wheelwright Avenue To Granny Lane

Low Moor Side Lane – Whitehall Road To Low Moor Side

Wood Lane – Greenmoor Avenue To Water Lane


Beecroft Street – Commercial Road To Kirkstall Hill

St Matthias Street – Burley Road To End


Crawshaw Avenue – Robin Lane To End

Lowtown – Lidgett Hill To Swinnow Road


  1. Parts of Stanningley Road & Stanningley Bypass are in a shocking state due to potholes.Since i started driving in 1981 i have never seen these roads in such a state.This being the major A road between the two cities is something the council should feel ashamed about.


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