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West Leeds: Police stop more than 60 drivers in Covid travel operation

Police stopped more than 60 car drivers on a Calverley road to ensure people were only travelling for essential reasons during the national lockdown.

Two £100 fines were issued for failing to comply with UK Government restrictions on essential travel as officers from Leeds West Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) conducted a traffic operation on Carr Road over the weekend.

A post on the NPT’s Facebook page said:

“This operation was conducted to ensure that drivers and their passengers were complying with UK government restrictions on essential travel during the pandemic. Over 60 cars were stopped.

“Over the next few weeks there will be frequent traffic operations conducted in the Leeds West locality, so please ensure that travelling is for essential purposes only, as outlined by the UK government. Thank you for your support.”

As well as the £100 Covid fines police issued two tickets for failure to maintain headlamps; two traffic offence reports for no MOT and no insurance and one seizure of a vehicle for no insurance.

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