West Leeds: Is your street scheduled from highways works?


£18.2m programme to maintain and improve the city’s roads and bridges has been given the green light by highways chiefs for the next financial year.

A council report authorising the spending to maintain the city’s roads, footpaths and kerbs was published earlier this week and has gone out to consultation with local councillors ahead of final approval.

A council report approving the schemes concludes:

“The proposed projects are chosen from a priority listing generated by a long-term asset management approach to highway and structural condition. The implementation of these projects aids access for disabled people and improves the street environment for all users.

“If these schemes are not undertaken the strategic highway network, including its structures, will deteriorate further which could lead to weight restrictions or road closures and the potential for an increase in claims against the council.”

A programme of structural maintenance has been proposed, starting this month. Projects in West Leeds include:

Armley Ward

  • Armley Ridge Road, from Town Street to Stanningley Road.
  • Armley Town Street, from Wesley Road To Wortley Road.
  • Hall Road, from Town Street to Church Road.
  • Halliday Grove, from Halliday Drive to Halliday Mount.

Bramley & Stanningley Ward

  • Bellmount View, Waterloo Lane, Bramley.
  • Westover Road, from Town Street to Westover View.
  • Calverley Lane, from Leeds & Bradford Road to Calverley Gardens.
  • Fairfield Street, Fairfield Road to Fairfield Grove.
  • St Catherine’s Hill, St Catherine’s Drive (adjacent house number 40) to St Catherine’s Drive.

Calverley & Farsley Ward

  • New Street, from Bradford Road to Town Street, Farsley.
  • Farsley Town Street, New Street to Bagley Lane.

Kirkstall Ward

  • Lea Farm Road, Cragside Walk to Butcher Hill.

Pudsey Ward

  • New Street, Littlemoor Road to Carlisle Road, Pudsey.
  • Pudsey Road, from Ridge View to Hough Tree Road.
  • Roker Lane, from Tong Road to Littlemoor Road.

A programme of preventative maintenance which includes surface treatments to the carriageway or footway to arrest deterioration will see the following work:

Armley Ward

  • Beech Avenue, Beech Drive To Theaker Lane (Inc Painted Roundabout).
  • Beech Drive, Branch Road to car park.
  • Nancroft Terrace, from Brooklyn Terrace
  • Somerdale Grove, from Billingbaulk Drive
  • Town End Close

Bramley & Stanningley Ward

  • Broadlea Terrace, Broad Lane To Broadlea Hill Rdbt.
  • Church Hill Gardens, Leeds & Bradford Road To End.
  • Church Hill Green, Leeds & Bradford Road To End.
  • Coal Hill Gardens, Coal Hill Drive To End.
  • Coal Hill Green, Coal Hill Drive To End.
  • Ganners Lane, Ganners Way To Wellington Grove
  • Ganners Road, Ganners Hill To Ganners Lane
  • Glenlea Close, Outside House 1 To End
  • Glenlea Gardens ,Outside House 6 To Glenlea Close
  • Half Mile Lane, Stanningley Rd To Half Mile Green
  • Hough Lane, Town Street To Stanningley Road
  • Rodley Lane, Rock Lane To Coal Hill Ln
  • Town Street, Coal Hill Ln To Bagley Ln
  • Whitecote Hill, Broad Lane To Leeds & Bradford Road.

Calverley & Farsley Ward

  • Bagley Lane, Coal Hill Lane To A657 Rodley Lane
  • Highfield Crescent, Highfield Road To Standale Crescent
  • Richmond Road, Old Road To Cote Lane
  • Rodley Lane, Bagley Ln To Back Luther Street
  • Thorne Close, Galloway Lane To End
  • Wesley Street, Town Street To End
  • Westdale Road, Highfield Green To Lodge Road
  • Woodhall Lane, End Traffic Island To Rockwood Road.

Farnley & Wortley

  • Butt Lane, Hall Lane To Stonecliffe Drive
  • Chestnut Gardens, Upper Wortley Road To Outside House 19
  • Chestnut Rise, Chestnut Gardens To Outside House 16
  • Dixon Lane Road, Dixon Lane To Lower Wortley Road
  • Kirkdale Avenue, Kirkdale Drive To Kirkdale Grove
  • Kirkdale Crescent, Kirkdale Drive To Kirkdale Grove
  • Kirkdale Drive, Ring Road Lower Wortley To Kirkdale Mount
  • Kirkdale Mount, Adj House 66 Kirkdale Crescent To Adj House 58 Kirkdale
  • Crescent
  • Kirkdale View, Kirkdale Crescent To Kirkdale Avenue
  • Royds Hall Road, Royds Lane To Start Of Block Paving
  • Royds Hall Road, Junction To Ring Road Lower Wortley
  • Royds Lane, Ring Road, Lower Wortley To Gate Adj Tarmac Plant
  • Tong Approach, Tong Way To Butt Lane
  • Tong Way, Tong Approach To Tong Drive.

Kirkstall Ward

  • Eden Drive, Kirkstall Hill To St Anns Lane
  • Kirkstall Lane, Kirkstall Hill To Queenswood Drive
  • Latchmere Drive, Latchmere Crest To Fillingfir Drive
  • Latchmere Walk, Moor Grange Drive To End
  • Lea Farm Walk, Lea Farm Drive (No. 1) To Bollards
  • Lea Farm Walk, Lea Farm Drive (Adj 134) To Bollards
  • Vesper Lane, Vesper Gate Drive To Vesper Lane Hse 23
  • Vesper Rise, Vesper Gate Drive To End
  • Vesper Way, Vesper Road To End Of Loop (Hse 57) Kirkstall

Pudsey Ward

  • Harley Rise, Swinnow Lane To Harley Drive
  • Hough Side Lane, Pudsey Road To Hough Top
  • Littlemoor Road, Roker Lane To Valley Road
  • New Occupation Lane, Smalewell Road To Occupation Lane
  • Occupation Lane, New Occupation Lane To Uppermoor
  • Richardshaw Lane, Cemetery Road To Bradford Road
  • Smalewell Road, Greenside To New Occupation Lane
  • Westroyd Crescent, Westroyd To End
  • Westroyd Crescent, Westroyd Avenue To End.

Bridge and structural works proposed for the next financial year include:

  • Owlcotes Bridge, Bearing removal and replacement; reconstruction of
    concrete bearing plinths.
  • Calverley River Bridge, Special Inspection & Testing for Assessment
  • Calverley Railway Bridge, Installation of Remote Monitoring System and Installation of Vehicular Restraint System
  • Swinnow Lane Bridge, Installation of Vehicular Restraint System
  • Pudsey Road Retaining Wall, New retaining wall to stabilise weak embankment

The full report can be read here.


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