West Leeds: Interactive map helps you shape your community post-lockdown

create streets map

An online tool is giving Leeds people the chance to re-think their communities following lockdown.

Social enterprise Create Streets is an organisation aiming to help solve housing problems and help communities and developers create beautiful street-based places.

They’ve launched a pilot project in Leeds where people can suggest improvements and different approaches in their communities by entering ideas on an interactive map.

Ideas generated so far in West Leeds include:

  • Making Victoria Road in Pudsey one-way for vehicle traffic during school pick up and drop off times, or close it completely
  • Need for speed bumps to tackle speeding drivers on Hough Top
  • A plethora of pedestrian, cycle and road improvements to tackle dangerous roads in Kirkstall
  • Remove speeding and anti-social cars from Armley Town Street. Suggestions include a bus and cycle gate to keep access for more environmentally friendly transport.

A Create Streets spokesperson said:

“Coronavirus is dramatically changing the way that we use our cities. If you know, live in or use the city, visit our Leeds Creating Communities pilot here and ask yourself what do you value? What do you not value? What changes should stay for Leeds for after lockdown?

“It should only take three minutes and will allow you to show precisely where you think Leeds could be better.”

The map has been created by Leeds-based urban geographer Rachael Unsworth, who blogged about some of her ideas and how to learn from the lockdown here.


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