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West Leeds Dispatch: Readers call for more positive news

We recently asked our readers what you thought of the West Leeds Dispatch – and you’ve given us lots of food for thought with your feedback!

You’ve told us that most of you like what we’re doing – the average rating for our content was eight out of ten, which is great to hear.

You’ve also overwhelmingly told us that there are some areas where you’d like to see us do more, particularly around telling more positive stories and more about the work of local groups.

It’s an interesting and valid point – our original aim when we first launched back in May was to inspire people to get involved in their communities and to raise the profile of all the wonderful groups and volunteers we have working in west Leeds.

But one of the things we have found, by looking at our stats, is that these types of stories are usually among the least read – and it’s often the crime and controversial and issue-led stories that are by far the most read. Still, we take your points on board and will work to improve our balance.

You also told us that you loved our print pilot edition (out in October) and would like to see more. One in the eye for some of the cynics who say print is dead!

So thanks to everyone who took part in our survey. The number of participants may not have been huge but your opinions have been very useful. In November we enjoyed our most popular month ever, with more than 72,000 page views, so THANK YOU again for your support!


  1. Great article. Very interesting summary of stats! People lead such busy lives it’s not surprising that ‘headline news’ which threatens to de-stabalise that in anyway, crime etc are the stories that get attention, …front page news. Centre pages, human interest and commentary takes a bit more time to engage with perhaps?


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