West Leeds: Digital volunteer centre set up to tackle Coronavirus outbreak

coronavirus open source arts

Kirkstall Road-based community hub Open Source Arts has set up a digital volunteer centre to instigate community action to curb the coronavirus pandemic.  

Open Source Arts has closed its physical building and is urging other community enterprises to do the same, to limit the chances of their contributing to the spread of the virus.  

They have organised a digital online volunteer centre which people can join here and are producing resources based on the Public Health England advice.

They are also using pragmatic advice from other countries on how people can curb the spread of the disease and keep their lives and the country functioning.

Phil Marken, of Open Source Arts, said:

“This builds on our experience of mobilising community action to help Kirkstall recover from the 2015 Storm Eva flooding.”

If you want to get involved or help, e-mail  info@opensourcearts.co.uk  and join the Facebook page.


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