West Leeds: Community projects net council cash


Community projects from across ‘inner’ West Leeds have been awarded a slice of council cash.

Members of the council’s Inner West Community Committee awarded a number of grants to local community groups and oprojects at its recent meeting at Strawberry Lane Community Centre in Armley.

The committee represents Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards and discusses local issues as well as awarding grants.

Awards under the committee’s wellbeing funding included:

Armley Ward

£4,000 for Armley lights switch on, £2,760 to All Together Armley community group towards the second annual Armley Festival, £8,000 to New Wortley Community Association to fund a community leader and £751 for coding and crafting events at Armley Library.

Bramley Ward

£4,000 to the Bramley Festival committee for running first event this summer, £1,567 to local breastfeeding group Bramley Bosom Buddies,  £4,500 to Bramley Lights Project, £960 to Bramley War Memorial committee for a commemorative bench, £3,000 to a kitchen project at Bramley Villagers, £1,783 towards CCTV to tackle anti-social behaviour at Broadlea Hill, £4,000 towards Barca-Leeds’s Motiv8 project and £4,000 to a smart energy project at Bramley Baths.

Kirkstall Ward

£4,250 towards a champion children’s project at St Mary’s in Hawksworth Wood, £1,500 for Kirkstall in Bloom, £2,000 towards this year’s Kirkstall Art Trail, £4,250 towards this summer’s Kirkstall Festival, £1,000 towards Kirkstall Pocket Park and £4,000 towards Music from the Attic music workshops at Kirkstall Education Cricket Club by Cloth Cat. It was also agreed to pay £10,000 from remaining money from the 2016-17 budget to outdoor gym equipment at Queenswood Drive.

All three wards put more than £2,000 each into festive lights hire and £1,000 each to Family Fun Day events at West Leeds Activity Centre. All three wards have also allocated money to a small grants and skips scheme which local groups can apply for.

Money allocated from the Youth Activities budget included:

Armley Ward

£4,000 towards the Saturday Night Project, New Wortley summer camp at New Wortley Community Centre would receive £3,500 and £2,000 for Family Fun in the Park. New Wortley Youth Project will also receive an amount to be confirmed.

Bramley Ward

£5,100 towards a Bramley summer camp, £3,000 for Get Active Camps and £1,350 towards Bramley Dance Project run by DAZL Dance.

Kirkstall Ward

£5,000 to the youth club at Kirkstall Cricket Club.

Book and turn up sessions at West Leeds Activity Centre were funded with £1,500 from each of the three wards. A mini-Breeze event was funded with £3,800 each from Armley and Bramley wards.

A final budget for youth activities budget during the 2017-18 financial year has yet to be finalised.

Projects not proceeding this year include an Armley Arts Trail by Seagulls Re-Use, which had asked for £5,000, a £4,500 Explore Holiday Programme at Christ Church in Armley, and a £2,500 artificial cricket practice area at Rodley Cricket Club.

A full list of recipients and costs can be found on the original agenda paper.


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