West Leeds business brings board games into companies to encourage productivity

Ann Jones, of Cards or Die. Image: Steph White Photography

After the highs of Christmas, it can be hard getting people back into the office following the seasonal break.

The owner of Horsforth-based Cards or Die, a board game business, says this is especially true at the moment, with so many people working from home after the pandemic.

As an antidote to this, throughout January and February, Cards or Die is offering one-hour lunchtime sessions of fun quick-fire games to businesses in Leeds city centre, to energise their teams in readiness for the afternoon work session.

Ann Jones, director of Cards or Die, said: “Research from the National Institute of Health has shown that board gaming seems to ‘enhance fluid intelligence, verbal working memory and social performance’. Our specially-selected games offer quick-fire fun for all, which will engage, invigorate and entertain your team.

“The benefits of lunchtime board game sessions can include an increase in productivity and improved mental wellness and positivity. It can also encourage team-building and offers a chance for people to catch-up away from their desks.

“As well as the tangible business benefits, these sessions can also provide a treat for employees who may be feeling the January blues and provide people with a break, without switching their brains off. If nothing else, lunchtime board game sessions, are a fun way for teams to spend their lunch hour – together.”

More details from Ann Jones at Cards or Die on cardsordie@gmail.com.

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    • You sound a bit grumpy ldsbfd, what about we release that tension together with some boardgames? Do you fancy a Patchwork, Pandemic, or perhaps Azul?


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