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Visit the village post office selling stamps, envelopes and… curries

By Emily Burden

CALVERLEY’S post office is making culinary waves in the community as owner Waheeda Hussain opens up her famous speciality food nights for the summer. 

Every Friday evening from 3pm until 8pm they are selling take away curries, wraps and sides such as samosas, pakoras, parathas and more from Calverley’s post office and village store.

Waheeda’s culinary exploits first started as a pop-up stand in the park for the Queen’s jubilee and after getting an overwhelming response of support from the community started to hold curry nights once a month. 

Of course these also gained lots of popularity within Calverley residents. 

Now there is a pop up bakery on Saturday mornings, where many different pastries are available as well as samosas and other traditional street foods.

As well as spreading joy though food, Waheeda’s Kitchen has previously held a charity event in support of the Marie Curie charity.

She said: “We did really well that day and managed to raise quite a lot of money, so it was really nice. We want to offer customers something different that they don’t find in restaurants, like paratha, which is a bread kind of like a chapati.”

The whole show is family run and all of the cooking is done by Waheeda herself. 

She recommends the Spinach Paneer as her favourite dish they sell. 

The full menu is available on their facebook page – Calverley Post Office and Village Store   or on instagram @waheedascalverleykitchen.  

One customer, 17-year-old Freya Wilson, said: “It was so good! I’ll definitely go back at some point.”

If you would like to try some of Waheeda’s locally legendary food you can put an order in online at their facebook page or you can head into the shop and place your order in person.

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