Traffic signals revamp could improve traffic flow at busy Kirkstall and Bramley junctions

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Old traffic lights and signal equipment are set to be replaced at key junctions in Kirkstall and Bramley, a council report has said.

The new equipment is part of a £2.1 million city-wide package of improvements the council is about to consult on and approve. It hopes the new systems will reduce traffic waiting times and improve traffic flow.

General refurbishments will be carried out on signal equipment on Bridge Road, Leeds Bradford Road, Broad Lane and Wyther Lane in Bramley.

An in-depth review of signal operation will be undertaken in the vicinity of the Savins Mill Way retail park, between Wyther Lane and A65.

Telecommunications infrastructure upgrades will also be largely focused on the Savins Mill section of network between Wyther Lane and the A65.

The full council report can be read here.


  1. About time!! These lights haven’t been fit for purpose since they were installed. A 15 min jorney to Horsforth takes 40 mins on a GOOD day!

  2. Well it certainly needs sorting out, on a weekend and busy times of day it’s just one massive car park, signal’s are not in time so traffic can’t flow
    All so the lights on the canal bridge at Amen Corner are pointless at busy times as cars block the bridge due to the lights going green so cars coming other way then can’t get access the bridge

  3. At last also what happened to the resurfacing of the wyther lane junction that was reported but never went ahead.

  4. What about the new traffic lights on Stanningley Road where the dual carriageway ends ?
    The lights are meant to stay green until there is a bus coming in the bus lane but the lights for cars turn red when the bus lane is empty. This is crazy because it stops traffic for no reason. I have noticed this on a lot of occasions.

    • I think it’s deliberate to spread traffic out so that the gyratory look less busy when it’s finished

  5. Build another cycle lane! Apparently it’s the answer to everything! Haha! This is only being looked at now because the traffic calming measures being proposed in the Victoria Park area will mean even more traffic on Wyther Lane as local access to Broad Lane will be blocked.

  6. doesn’t need new lights it needs a yellow box reinstating and cameras to catch those who run the lights and park in what was once a yellow box restriction.


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