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The 15 West Leeds roads set to benefit from slice of city’s £4.8m pothole repair cash

A raft of crumbling West Leeds roads have been identified for much-needed maintenance work as part of the £4,828,563 Department for Transport pothole fund.

Repairs and improvements will be made to dozens of roads across Leeds to prevent new potholes from forming. It’s estimated the £500m allocated across the country would fix the equivalent of 10 million potholes.

Roads have been selected by Leeds City Council on the basis of how bad their condition is.

A council report adds:

“This money is not for filling potholes (already funded by routine maintenance monies). It is expected to be used to prevent potholes forming in the first place. The fund remains insufficient to make a significant difference to the condition of the whole network, but is very much welcomed in terms of the contribution it will make to longer-term prevention of pothole formation.”

Roads in West Leeds allocated for funding by Leeds City Council in this financial year include:

Bramley & Stanningley ward

  • Bellmount Gardens, from Bell Lane to end.
  • Waterloo Lane, from Town Street to Raynville Road and from Raynville Road To Broad Lane

Calverley & Farsley

  • Carr Hill Avenue, from Carr Hill Road to St Stephen’s Road and from St Stephen’s Road to end.
  • Hollin Park Drive, from Upper Carr Lane to Woodhall Road and Upper Carr Lane to Victoria Street.
  • Kirklees Drive, from Calverley Lane to Kirklees Close, Kirklees Close to Bagley Road and from cul de sac adjacent house 74 to end.
  • Rockwood Road, from Woodhall Lane To Rockwood Crescent (first entrance) and Rockwood Crescent (first entrance) to end of Rockwood Crescent.
  • Springbank Road, from Wesley Street to Springbank Avenue, and Springbank Avenue to Springbank Close.

Farnley & Wortley

  • Bawn Gardens, from Butterbowl Drive to end.
  • Castle Ings Gardens, from Low Moor Side to Ennerdale Way and Ennerdale Way to Castle Ings Drive.
  • Chapel Lane, from Maple Drive to Lawns Lane.
  • Heaton Avenue, from Walkers Lane to end.
  • Whincover Road, from Whincover Bank to Whincover Drive.


  • Graham Mount, from Graham Avenue to end.


  • Tyersal Crescent.
  • Victoria Road, from Cemetery Road to Uppermoor.


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