Ten dogs found dead in bag pulled from canal in West Leeds


Ten dogs – two adults and eight puppies – have been found dead in a bag pulled from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in West Leeds, just nine months after an identical incident in the same stretch.

The RSPCA was contacted after a member of the public saw a large Sports Direct bag in the canal and was concerned there was an animal inside.

Animal Rescue Officer Hannah Williams attended and, with the help of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, the bag was pulled out. Two adult French bulldogs, six French bulldog puppies and two terrier puppies were found inside the bag, along with a red brick.

The dogs were found on 20 May in the canal running alongside the River Aire, by Holts Crest Way.

In August last year a family of French bulldogs – two adults and three puppies – were pulled from the canal, again in a Sports Direct bag.

Despite an appeal for information from the RSPCA, no one responsible for the incident was traced.

Ms Williams said: “It is very suspicious that two identical incidents have occurred in the same area, both families of French bulldogs and both in Sports Direct bags. It seems highly likely that these are linked.

“It’s awful to think what these poor dogs went through and I’m keen to piece together what happened leading up to finding them. They didn’t appear to be in ill health which makes us, very sadly, believe they could have been intentionally drowned.

“This would be an awful act of animal cruelty and we are urging anyone who has any information about this possibility to get in touch with us so we can find out what happened to these poor dogs.”

Ms Williams is urging anyone who lives nearby to check any cameras from around the 20 May to see if there is anyone walking French bulldogs or carrying a large Sports Direct bag.

“If anyone has any information at all which can help us, please do get in touch,” she added.

If you have information, call the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018, quoting reference 1268568.


  1. These poor animals.
    It’s just heartbreaking that anyone could do this to these Poor dogs and their puppies, along with two other terrier dogs.
    It makes you think, that if they can do this to dogs, what can they do to humans .
    Because this is how it starts.
    I really Do hope That whoever did this VICIOUS thing, by drowning these poor creatures.
    There really does need Justice to be found for these unfortunate dogs and their puppies.
    It’s just heartbreaking to read.
    Because I am a real animal lover. As are many millions of people in the UK.

  2. I hope they find whose done this YOU are truely evil heartless opolgy for a human being.and that goes to anyone who knows whose done this.if you know speak up bring them to face there punishment

  3. I am saddened to know that there are such sick people in the world. There will be ultimate and devine justice for these cruel excuses for humanity.

  4. This is a barbaric act of animal cruelty.Who on this earth possessed such a cruel personality to do this to all these dogs.I hope if and when they r caught they will be hit with the full force of the law


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