Swinnow: £4.9 million plan to double size of Park Spring School approved


A £4.9 million plan to double the size of Park Spring Primary School in Swinnow has been approved by councillors.

Members of the south and west plans panel approved proposals to expand it from a 210-pupil school to 420 pupils in a bid to meet increasing demand for places.

Proposals include a two-storey teaching block, new staff car park and the demolition of three temporary school buildings.

But approval came after a debate about road safety, traffic congestion and parking in the Wellstone Avenue and Swinnow Lane area.

Councillors voted 6-2 to approve the plans.

Pudsey Cllr Mick Coulson said he was in favour of the extension but voted against the proposals after raising traffic concerns in the area. He called for a drop off area to be installed off the new school car park on Swinnow Lane:

“I am not happy with the parking …

“The road is so busy that we have had to ban HGVs going along it. It is a regular bus route. Parents will now be parking on the road where the bus stop is, which causes a problem straight away.

“We all have problems with parents parking and all we do is talk about it. It is time we did something. When is there a better chance to do that?”

Cllr Neil Walshaw said a drop off area at Valley View Community Primary School in Rodley caused problems. He said:

“This school does need a lot of physical improvements. As a parent of a former pupil I support these proposals. I am supportive of the current approach to dilute traffic issues in the area.”






  1. the school has had around 300 children in the present buildings for many many years as it is, and wellstone avenue is a death trap can’t see how adding a drop off point on swinnow lane will be of any help as the road will be an accident waiting to happen what with parents turning just after the bend to pull in to the new entrance


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