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Farsley Flyer runs for mental health charity

Farsley Flyers has two mental health ambassadors to support those dealing with mental health issues, whether it be anxiety, confidence or depression.

Running is proven to help and the Flyers are supporting the journey of one of its members to raise awareness as he completes a marathon for the Campaign Against Living Miserably. Take a read of Craig Chapman’s story and make a donation if you can…

So I’ve decided to come out of running retirement for one more marathon and I wasn’t going to do it for charity to be honest, it was purely for a goal of my own.

But depression, anxiety and mental health issues in general are becoming a rapidly increasing issue amongst people under 45 and its a problem that I think needs more attention. 

Gone are the days of “man up, just get on with it” the world has changed, more is expected, more is seen and the pressure of day to day life is generally too much for some… That I find unacceptable and slightly worrying. 

So I’ve decided to do this for the CALM charity, I figured if I’m gonna do 16 weeks of training then destroy myself for four hours or more it would be a chance to give a bit back. 

Yes it’s not a cancer charity, heart charity etc etc, but that doesn’t mean it needs the money any less  so please give anything you can spare. 

Donations can be made on Craig’s Justgiving page.

Farsley Flyers is a free running club which meets at 6.30pm every Thursday at Farsley Celtic FC. It was founded by Alison Ogle.






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