Strong Ofsted report for Calverley CE Primary School

calverley c of e primary school
Calverley C of E Primary School. Photo: Google

Strong leadership has been praised in a glowing Ofsted report for Calverley CE Primary School.

Following a Short Inspection on 5 December, 2017, Inspector Anne Seneviratne said the school continues to be rated ‘Good’ in the recently published report.

It says Bob Curran, who became headteacher two years ago, has:

“Provided strong leadership, steering the school successfully through a period of expansion and a new build. You have effectively developed the leadership capacity in the school.

“In a collaborative way, you have empowered new leaders to make decisions and take actions to bring about improvements throughout the school. You have created a very strong senior leadership team that is founded on honest and open professional relationships.”

The report also says the school praises a ‘strong’ team of governors.

It adds the pupils are “extremely positive” about their school and “relish their learning”.

The inspector also says parents are “overwhelmingly positive” about the school:

“They are full of praise for the school’s welcoming ethos and its wonderful sense of community.”

She also says the school has achieved the main target set out in the previous inspection in 2013 of raising the attainment of higher-ability pupils in Key Stage 1 and the school now has a good track record of success with this.

The report praises the school’s decision to put reading as the school’s top priority in its improvement plan.

The Inspector says:

“There is no doubting your commitment to improving pupils’ outcomes in reading and your actions are having a positive impact.”

She notes that in the last two years, pupils have made average progress overall in reading and added:

“However, in 2017 middle-ability pupils’ progress in reading was significantly below the national average.”

The report praises steps taken to improve progress in English, mathematics and writing. It also commends efforts made to ensure the small number of disadvantaged pupils make the best possible progress.

The Inspector says that because pupils really enjoy coming to school, overall attendance has been consistently above the national average, but challenges the school to take a more focussed approach to a small number of disadvantaged pupils to bring about a further improvement in their attendance.

The school was also told it needed to provide more opportunities in the curriculum for pupils to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in more depth across a wider range of subjects.

Headteacher Bob Curran welcomed the report. He said:

“We are really pleased to receive this report and judgement form Ofsted. It is a result of a lot of hard work from all the staff, governors, parents and of course the children.

“The report clearly states that our school has a number of strengths and we will be continuing to work hard to secure further improvement.”


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