Pudsey: Fulneck School says goodbye to noisy lunchtimes


Fulneck School in Pudsey has installed a revolutionary new acoustic system to reduce noise levels in its dining room.

The independent school is the first in the country to use ‘Tile Acoustics’ which are made from recycled plastic drinks bottles and reduce the length of time that noise takes to decay within the room.

The sustainable panels have been designed and manufactured by Bradford-based Agile Acoustics. In total 96 panels were installed at Fulneck which equates to more than 3,450, 50cl plastic bottles.

In tests carried out by acoustics specialists MZA Acoustics there has been a noise reduction of more than 50 per cent.

Fulneck School Bursar Julie Davis said:

“The installation of these new environmentally friendly acoustic panels will make the dining room a far more comfortable and coherent place at meal times. They also look great and have been personalised by using the school’s colours.

“The science behind the panels and their positive affect on noise reverberation is fascinating and it is something that our pupils will be learning more about over the coming weeks.”


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