Hundreds sign Stanningley Bottom roundabout petition


More than 400 people have so far signed a petition to get a road featuring two new roundabouts at Stanningley Bottom made safer.

The two mini-roundabouts were installed as part of a package of improvement works connected to the CityConnect cycle superhighway. The Leeds to Bradford stretch opened in June.

Phil Townend, who runs the Philip Nicholas Salon on Bradford Road, Stanningley, claims the roundabouts are ‘dangerous’ and has launched an online petition to get them changed. He said:

“Many people simply drive straight across at speed as if they are not there, while others do treat them as mini-roundabouts.

“This has given rise to much road rage and has also been the cause of many accidents and even more near misses since they were introduced.

“This is an area in which cyclists, school children and elderly pedestrians are particularly vulnerable as they try to use this ‘shared space’.”

Mr Townend has called for ‘rumble strips’ on the approach to them and clear signage warning people that there are two mini-roundabouts, not just one.

He also called for an electronic sign showing people their current speed, as well as fences alongside double yellow lines. He added:

“Currently, it is not unusual to see vehicles, including large vans, parked on the double yellow lines in between the two mini roundabouts, increasing the risk, confusion and danger to other road users.”

His campaign has received the support of a number of motorists and local residents.

Rebecca Crabtree said:

“I have had many a near miss on these roundabouts, mainly because you can’t see if anything is coming when you approach from Richardshaw Lane.”

Luke Bowers said:

“I’m signing because the existing roundabouts are more of a hazard than a help! It won’t be long until there is a serious accident at this location due to the poor layout here.”

And local resident Maria Thirkhil-Hobson added:

“It is a nightmare. I live just before that roundabout and no drivers are even using it is a roundabout and giving way to oncoming traffic.

“There is a zebra crossing there and if the bus stops to let people on you can’t see anyone trying to cross the road.”

cycle superhighway Leeds

The Dispatch contacted CityConnect for a comment yesterday morning but has yet to receive a response.

In May, Cycle Superhighway bosses attempted to allay residents’ and motorists’ fears over the new road layout at Stanningley Bottom.

A spokeswoman said at the time:

“The safety of the scheme has undergone a safety audit from an independent team and, following completion, a further audit will take place.

“Recommendations will be considered for implementation and further safety audits will be undertaken, 12 and 24 months post-completion – which will review any available accident data.”

The spokesperson said space is limited through Stanningley Bottom and the changes made were intended to provide a better balance between the needs of people travelling through the area, the needs of local businesses and the well-being of local people.

The cycle superhighway aims to encourage more people to take up cycling, become more active and healthier, as well as reduce pollution and congestion on roads.

The online petition can be viewed and signed here.


  1. Why are you going to all the trouble of rumble strips and electronic signs? what is wrong with just a normal sign saying that you approaching mini roundabouts and paint the roundabouts white like every other roundabout, why confuse people? Driving on our busy streets is hard enough without changing colours of roads and just making things more confusing, what was wrong with stanningley bottom in the first place???

  2. It was fine before they made these changes. No problem at all. Someone dreamed up this stupid idea and made the area dangerous. I avoid this area as much as I can as I truly fear for my safety whether driving or as a pedestrian. Just put it back to how it was before and admit it has been a huge mistake!

  3. As a local driving instructor to the area for over 13 years and a driver for over 28 years, I think this junction is an accident waiting to happen, nobody seems to have a clue on approach from any direction on priority, due to the lack of road signs and markings, surely having spent the exorbitant amount of money on this road, another couple of pounds spent on this very busy junction to enable road users to work out this complex junction safely should have been a greatly considered on construction, I did see about 5 men over 5 weeks ago in their suits stood pointing and discussing this junction, but unfortunately nothing seems to have happened, not only this junction should be up for debate but the lack of road markings and signs covered by foal age around leeds should be greatly addressed,

  4. I don’t know what the problem is, basically give way to vehicles on the mini roundabout approach with caution, and that is from 43 years ago when I took my test, roundabouts were never a problem then, it just seems there are more clueless idiots now on the road, doesn’t say much for the driving instructors nowadays


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