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St Peter’s Church Appeal: Can you help church reopen?

Parishioners are urging people to support fundraising events at Bramley St Peter’s Church – almost a year after it closed due to safety concerns.

The church closed after a six-foot wide hole opened in the floor of the worship area at St Peter’s Church, off Hough Lane. Safety concerns have been raised about the stability of the rest of the floor in the area.

Services have been taking place at St Margaret’s Church in Newlay Lane, which is also in need of repair.

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Church chiefs are working with architects to draw up plans to carry out repairs and open up the church for wider community use – but it’s feared the church may not re-open again until 2020.

Church volunteer Vanessa Stevenson said:

“We’re told the hole was down to wear and tear and some work we had done in the 1970s when building regulations weren’t as strict as they are now. There are weaknesses in the floor elsewhere.

“We don’t know what the final cost of the repairs will be yet but we’re running some fundraising events to help us reopen.”

Vanessa says the church is using this opportunity to make some alterations to make it more accessible to the wider community. Ideas so far include opening up another internal entrance, improved heating, becoming more disabled friendly and removing the pews – but no-one knows the final cost of the work yet. Vanessa added:

“We just want to get it out there that we need help – any support local businesses and residents can give will be warmly received.”

A table top sale is being held at the church on May 6, 10.40am-2pm. Organisers are hoping to secure a bouncy castle for the event. To book a stall for £5 or for more information, visit the Facebook event page.

The church is also looking at applying for National Lottery funding.

The closure does not affect the upper or lower halls at St Peter’s and bookings for these spaces can still be made.

If you can help with fundraising or with to make a donation, e-mail communications@bramleyparish.org.uk.






  1. I note they are talking about new heating systems: have they looked at opportunities under the Renewable Heat Initiative?
    For example Air Source Heating or Combined Heat and Power Systems?


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