Solar panel plans resubmitted at Kirkstall Brewery halls of residences

Energy plans: The Kirkstall Brewery Hall of Residences

New plans to install solar panels at Kirkstall Brewery halls of residences have been resubmitted – less than a month after they were refused by council planners.

The panels will provide power for hundreds of students living in Abbey House, Graham House, Monkwood House, Oak House, Grove House, Elsworth House, Walker House, Musgrave House, and Poplar House.

The latest plans don’t include Olive Mount House, which has met with concern by planners in June, who had said the proposals failed to meet planning policies and added: “It is also concluded that the proposed western section of solar equipment would be detrimental to the adjacent residential accommodation.”

Applicant Cloverco hope the new panels will make the buildings more energy efficient on the 8.7-acre canal-side site, which caters for more than 800 students.

The plans, documents and reports can be read in full here.

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