Another snake encounter at Post Hill


More snake sitings have been made in the Post Hill area.

It’s thought around a dozen exotic snakes have been dumped near the woods and have been found in both neighbouring Pudsey and Farnley.

Dog walker Matt Smith contacted the Dispatch to say his dog picked up a dead snake in Troydale at about 9.30pm last night (Thursday). He said:

“I was out exercising the dog when I saw him playing with something in undergrowth just off one of the main paths near the Troydale exit. Then he came running towards me – with a big dead snake in his mouth dragging behind him.

“I firstly panicked as I thought the might get bitten – then I was more worried he was bringing it to me! Luckily it was dead – but I don’t think it’d been dead long given its condition.”

Mr Smith said he believes the reptile his dog picked up was a rat snake. A snake of the same type was found in Troydale earlier this week.

According to multiple reports on Facebook, snakes – both dead and alive – have been found in Troydale, Pudsey Road/Hough Side Road, outside Wickes and Wood Lane in Farnley.

The RSPCA believe the collection of snakes are former pets which someone has let loose near the woods.

Pictured above is Pudsey man Glenn Marshall with one of the snakes found earlier this week. The image was posted on Facebook.






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