Seven things we’ve learned about the Kirkstall floods this week


1. Clean up is still continuing

Literally hundreds of volunteers have so far lent their time and expertise (and two arms and legs) to helping the clean up after the Boxing Day floods brought so much damage. And the clean up/rebuilding efforts in Kirkstall are still continuing. Volunteers are still needed on a daily basis. Keep up to date via the Team Kirkstall Facebook page and its website. It’s important the devastation faced by local businesses isn’t forgotten. For many it’s still a make or break time.

2. Fundraisers still need your support

Several crowdfunding campaigns are still ongoing – show your support!

3. Flood-hit businesses and households can apply for grants

Leeds Community Foundation (LCF), a catalyst for positive change, launched the Leeds Flood Relief Appeal in response to the devastation caused across the city by the Boxing Day floods. Thanks to the generosity of the public and businesses across the country, the appeal has now raised over £43,000 to support flood victims in Leeds.

The raised funds will be distributed in financial grants to relieve hardship for people in Leeds that has been caused directly or indirectly by the recent storms and flooding. The scheme will support individuals, families, social enterprises, community and voluntary projects. Individual grants of up to £250 and community grants of up to £2,000 will be available – although applicants will be asked to give further details of their losses so that larger grants may be considered, if funds permit.

Applicants will be able to apply for grants to cover a range of costs including cleaning equipment, emergency repairs, clothing, heating equipment, replacement costs of furniture or white goods and advice services. Priority will be given to households with children, older people or those with physical or learning disabilities. Third sector organisations which have been actively involved with flood relief support and are providing longer-term community rebuilding projects will also be eligible to apply.

Sally-Anne Greenfield, Chief Executive of Leeds Community Foundation, said:

“We know these grants will provide much needed support to people struggling to re-build their lives, repair their homes and replace essential items that have been damaged by the floods. LCF is extremely grateful to everyone who has generously supported the appeal to ensure local people get the support they need.”

Applications need to be submitted by 5pm on Friday 29 January 2016. Guidance information and application forms are available to download from the LCF website.

4. But businesses are starting to get back on their feet



5. There are continued flood funding calls in Leeds

6. Flood fair offers advice and support

7. Full Council meeting pays tributes to volunteers


  1. There does not seem to be much happening on the volunteer’s facebook page or website.
    If they are as keen for help as you suggest, then they might have more success if they say what they are doing now, and what sort of help they are needing.


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