Seagulls launches £50k crowdfunder to help people who can’t afford to decorate their home

Appeal: Cat Hyde, from Seagulls

By John Baron

A West Leeds-based paint recycling company has launched a £50,000 ‘Paint Belongs on Walls’ crowdfunding campaign to support people struggling due to the cost of living crisis.

Seagulls Paint on Kirkstall Road has so far raised over £21,000 to expand its paint collections by engaging with commercial businesses and accepting trade paint. It then aims to process the paint and then give the paint away free to people who wouldn’t other wise be able to afford it.

Seagulls is a social enterprise with an environmental and social mission and is a community built around eco-friendly paint store, which acts as a beacon for environmental action and education. 

Cat Hyde, from Seagulls, said: “There is demand for paint and as the cost of living crisis bites, there is a large, marginalised section of the community who simply cannot afford to paint their home. We recognise the value of making your house a home and the positive effects of redecoration. We will offer Paint Packs to people most in need. Paint will go on walls and not in the ground.

“Giving paint away to people who would otherwise be unable to afford to buy it means we will have capacity to accept lots more leftover paint thus diverting more paint away from landfill.”

More details about the crowdfunder – and how you can donate – can be found here.

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