School wants to trace relatives of Calverley man ‘Mr Purvis’

calverley parkside school
Calverley Parkside Primary School. Photo: Google

Calverley Parkside Junior School need help in tracing the relatives of a man who donated a special album of memories 20 years ago.

In the year 2000 a Mr Purvis donated a album of his life to the school he attended in the 1920s/30s. The donation was part of the school’s celebrations to mark the new millennium.

The album is a comprehensive recording of many important events in his life, photos of family holidays and his time serving in the Royal Navy. It also includes his involvement with Calverley Horticultural Society,  Calverley Players and The Royal British Legion.

The school knows he lived with his wife and possibly a son at Parkwood Gardens in Calverley but have been unable to trace anyone who knows the whereabouts of his descendants so they can return the album.

Anyone with information can contact Richard Corbin on 07445 453984.


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