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Scheme to tackle rat running and speeding on Bramley streets moves forward

A scheme to tackle rat running and speeding on residential streets in Bramley is moving forward.

Council highways officers are looking to introduce permanent road closures to residential areas of Victoria Park following a series of car crashes in the area and a campaign by local residents.

Proposals aim to stop vehicles rat-running between Broad Lane and Raynville Road, “whilst exploring the addition” of pedestrian crossings to help residents cross the road safely and easily.

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Proposals – which can be viewed in full here – include:

  • a permanent road closure to motorised vehicles located at the junction of Victoria Park Grove and Lancastre Grove (A & B on map).
  • a permanent road closure to motorised vehicles located on Kirkstall Mount at the junction of Victoria Park Grove (C on map).
  • a permanent road closure to motorised vehicles located on Kirkstall Avenue at the junction of Abbey Avenue (D on map).
  • a permanent road closure to motorised vehicles located on Victoria Park Avenue to the west of Lancastre Avenue junction (E on map).
  • planting and landscaping to create a better road closure to motorised vehicles, and cycling improvements located on Victoria Park Avenue at the junction of Wyther Lane/Amen Corner (F on map).

Access will still be maintained for people walking, wheeling and cycling, and residents will still be able to access their property in their vehicles via an alternative route.

Residents have highlighted a need for pedestrian crossing facilities on Outgang Lane, Raynville Road and Broad Lane.

A Connecting Leeds spokesperson said: “We are still exploring these as a possibility and will update you later in the year.”

Traffic regulation orders to implement the changes are due to be advertised.

Connecting Leeds is a council strategy to improve travel in Leeds and create a city where you don’t need a car. The Victoria Park changes are part of a package of improvements for quieter and safer residential streets in Leeds.

More details on the scheme can be found here.

WLD has previously reported on traffic issues here. Local resident Paul Chatterton had been campaigning for action to make Victoria Park Avenue, at the junction with Lancastre Grove, safer following a number of collisions and near misses on the road.


  1. They said Bramley that’s kirkstall look at station Mount bramley if want to see rat running and speeding we have been on at the council for years and still nothing

  2. If Leeds council didn’t cause the traffic problem on Broad Lane in the first place then rat running onto Raynville Road wouldn’t be an issue. The traffic was already bad on Broad Lane, down onto Kirkstall Bridge and then onto Kirkstall Road before they built the Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Centre. And when Leeds City Council gave permission to build the shopping centre on Kirkstall Bridge they made the situation ten times worse….clueless council!

    • O you are so right, traffic management by lcc is shocking, why o why when the plans where in, did some numpty thought it was a great idea to not have the entrance and exit tut kirstall shopping center be at the existing traffic lights at halfords is beyond me, common sense does not exist at lcc, it is just beyond common sense, reducing the number of traffic lights not just saves cost but also traffic back ups, thus for those eco warriors, increases traffic flow so less polution, all I see is lcc stop traffic flow and thus harm the residents of Leeds, get a brain LCC and think about your create conjestion ideas as thats all you do, daft, ya are.

  3. I thought that in the original plan, the idea was to put jogs and deviations in, so that we could get from Raynville Rd to Broad Lane, and vice Versa, but not in straight lines. This would have slowed traffic down and made the short-cuts unappealing. However, I see we are getting completely blocked off in the middle, thereby making my access to Stanningley Road and the motorways much longer. Do we need a total blockage to occur, or could we put deviations in to the point where it becomes unattractive to non-residents to attempt cutting through?

  4. Maybe having a bus service that is reliable before you do this: 508 gone, means 60 doesn’t stop as its full. Switch to broad lane and try to get a 49. Before 2020 it was an every 12 minutes route and now its lucky if one turns up every 20 mins. Likewise the 16 if you give in and go to town street… Then you wonder why we all drive from Bramley to town!

  5. May be LCC wants to consider saving money by repairing the moon surface roads that are increasing vehical repair costs claims against the council, also lcc needs to stop resurfacing side streets that need no attention, I have seen LCCs crappy road management 1st hand, one of the Aston streets in Bramley was re seurfaced, doh, why, absolutely no idea, not a pothole in site, but eightlands lane that feeds it is the crater surface of the moon, but do lcc do owt about this popular road, nope so I have to drive dangourously and eratically, yws, its the same for most of leeds, my focus should be driving safely, not in an erratic way to avoid damaging my car, sort ya sen out lcc, repair the roads so people can drive safely before you do schemes like this as YOU are damaging our cars and make us drive in an unsafe manor!!!!!!!!!

  6. As a local resident I can see this causing more problems for the already ridiculous traffic situation in this area.
    LCC should look at spending money more wisely.

  7. This will make life hell for parcel delivery people as well as adding to the queuing traffic at Kirkstall Bridge lights and the lights at Bramley centre. Outgang Lane will carry at least 3 times the amount of traffic it does now. This will cut the amount of business the Spar store on Broad Lane gets from Raynville Road area residents.

  8. It’s basically providing a protection ring for residents in the Lilac housing who want to live a ‘sustainable’ life in the middle of a busy suburb and believe we should all walk or cycle.

    Who has decided that the local residents are in support of this?

    Wait until the 50+ dwellings are built on the canal side whose only access will be via Wyther lane!


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