Scheme targeting ‘bus hotspot’ aims to reduce delays on A65 Kirkstall Road


A £20,000 junction improvement will help improve bus reliability at the junction of Evanston Avenue and Kirkstall Road.

Council chiefs have approved in principle a one-way system on Evanston Avenue, from its junction with Cross Evanston Avenue to A65 Kirkstall Road.

This will prevent turning into Evanston Avenue and remove the need for traffic to wait on A65 Kirkstall Road, which obstructs the free flow of traffic.

A council report approving the ‘bus hotspot’ scheme said concerns about the junction have also been raised by local councillors in the past:

“The proposal will prevent delays, reduce bus journey times and improve reliability on a major corridor into Leeds.”

The report approved the scheme in principle, subject to further consultation with Kirkstall’s councillors, and to advertise a Traffic Regulation Order to make Evanston Avenue one way and a separate order to introduce a loading only bay for local businesses. Subject to no valid objections being received, the scheme will be implemented.

The decision can be viewed here.


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