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Santa takes to streets in Farnley and Wortley 

By Louis Chapman-Coombe

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to Farnley and Wortley. 

In the build-up to Christmas, Santa and his Elves are visiting the streets of Farnley and Wortley on Thursday, 15 and Friday, 16 December, as part of Farnley Community Centre’s Christmas celebrations.

Here is Thursday’s Route Map and here is Friday’s.

Here is a list of where you can see them: 

Thursday, 15 December route

Start 462 Tong Road 17:30Point 1
Ring Road to Stonebridge Lane (Buzz Bingo), Silver Royd Hill onto Silver Royd Street & Ave.  
Silver Royd Hill to Blue Hill Lane17:40 
Blue Hill Grove, Blue Hill Crescent back onto Blue Hill Lane17:45 
Cliffe Park Crescent (following Loop Around), Blue Hill Lane to Fawcett Lane onto Lower Wortley Road.17:55 
Lower Wortley Rd, Fawcett Way, Wheel Wright Ave, Fawcett Drive, Granny Lane back to Lower Wortley Road.18:10  
Kellett Ln, Ryedale Ave onto Whitehall Road, Bangor Terrace, Cow Close Road onto Branch Road.18:15Point 2
Dunlop Ave around Poplar View leading back down Whitehall Rd onto Prince Edward Rd18:20 
Kirkdale Grove, Crescent, Drive, Mount, View, Ave, Gardens18:30 
Royds Lane turning in Honeyborne Rd. Back up Royds Lane18:40 
Right on Whitehall Road, Dixon Lane, Kellett Crescent, Walkers Lane, Whitehall road through to Copley Hill.18:55 
Oldfield Lane, Amberley Road, Amberley Street, Evelyn Place, Amberley Road.19:10Point 3
Highfield Avenue, Stop at top of Highfield Close, Lynwood Crescent, Rise, Drargon Drive19:20 
Dixon Lane, Kel lett Road, Lower Wortley Road, Greenhill Lane, Leyholme Drive & Crescent19:35Point 4
Upper Wortley Rd, Loop Benson Gardens to Tong Road19:50  

Friday 16 route 

Start 462 Tong Road 17:30Start 
Down Ring Road to Post Hill (Wickes) & Up Wood Lane17:35Point 1 
Greenmore Ave, Sandstone Dr, Greenmore Ave (Stopno1)17:40Point 2 
Up Wood Lane to Gamble Lane  
Tong Drive around Tong Way back to Gamble Lane (Stop no2 Jnct Tong Gate, Fernlea Ct)17:55 
Water Lane to Butt Lane (past Mc’Donalds) left ontoPudsey Road to Gamble Hill Drive18:05  
Gamble Hill Drive, Queensthorpe Ave, Queensthorpe Rise,Queensthorpe Cl, Back onto Queenthorpe Ave, Gamble HillDrive to Henconner Lane18:20Point 2
North Henconner Lane to Greenthopre Drive. GreenthorpeHill, Greenthorpe Rd, Walk & Mount.18:35Point 3 
Heights Drive, Whingate Rd, Albany Street (ALDI). Right onto Tong Road, Farrow Hill, Farrow Rd, Farrow Vale,Greenthorpe Rd to Pudsey Road.18:55 
Tong Road to Ring Road to Butterbowl Drive, Bawn Ave19:05 
Stonebridge Lane to Hall Lane. Stop near FarnleyCommunity Centre (Terminus).19:15 
Whincover Drive, Bank, Rd, Close (back onto WhincoverDr & Rd). Cobden Road, Pinder Ave19:25 
Cow Cls Road, Cobden Rd, Pinder St, CobdenTerrace leading onto Branch Road.19:30Point 4
Branch Rd, Whitehall Road to Walsh Lane19:35 
Castle Ings Garden, Castle Ings Dr (Stop off 2 mins)19:40  
Low Moor Side, Wolley Ave, WhiteHall Rd, Lawns Lane,Low Moorside. Stop at New Farnley Community Centre19:50 
Lawns Lane, Beechfield (Loop to Stephenson Drive), Turn in Lodge Hill Walk20:00Point 5
Lawns Lane, Maple Dr, Chapel Ln, Cross Ln, Butterbowl Drive20:15 
Bawn Ave to Stonebridge Grove.20:30Finish

The event will also be livestreamed on the Farnley Community Centre Facebook page, with updates on the journey. 

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