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Santa takes to streets in Farnley and Wortley 

By Louis Chapman-Coombe

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to Farnley and Wortley. 

In the build-up to Christmas, Santa and his Elves are visiting the streets of Farnley and Wortley on Thursday, 15 and Friday, 16 December, as part of Farnley Community Centre’s Christmas celebrations.

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Here is Thursday’s Route Map and here is Friday’s.

Here is a list of where you can see them: 

Thursday, 15 December route

Start 462 Tong Road 17:30Point 1
Ring Road to Stonebridge Lane (Buzz Bingo), Silver Royd Hill onto Silver Royd Street & Ave.  
Silver Royd Hill to Blue Hill Lane17:40 
Blue Hill Grove, Blue Hill Crescent back onto Blue Hill Lane17:45 
Cliffe Park Crescent (following Loop Around), Blue Hill Lane to Fawcett Lane onto Lower Wortley Road.17:55 
Lower Wortley Rd, Fawcett Way, Wheel Wright Ave, Fawcett Drive, Granny Lane back to Lower Wortley Road.18:10  
Kellett Ln, Ryedale Ave onto Whitehall Road, Bangor Terrace, Cow Close Road onto Branch Road.18:15Point 2
Dunlop Ave around Poplar View leading back down Whitehall Rd onto Prince Edward Rd18:20 
Kirkdale Grove, Crescent, Drive, Mount, View, Ave, Gardens18:30 
Royds Lane turning in Honeyborne Rd. Back up Royds Lane18:40 
Right on Whitehall Road, Dixon Lane, Kellett Crescent, Walkers Lane, Whitehall road through to Copley Hill.18:55 
Oldfield Lane, Amberley Road, Amberley Street, Evelyn Place, Amberley Road.19:10Point 3
Highfield Avenue, Stop at top of Highfield Close, Lynwood Crescent, Rise, Drargon Drive19:20 
Dixon Lane, Kel lett Road, Lower Wortley Road, Greenhill Lane, Leyholme Drive & Crescent19:35Point 4
Upper Wortley Rd, Loop Benson Gardens to Tong Road19:50  

Friday 16 route 

Start 462 Tong Road 17:30Start 
Down Ring Road to Post Hill (Wickes) & Up Wood Lane17:35Point 1 
Greenmore Ave, Sandstone Dr, Greenmore Ave (Stopno1)17:40Point 2 
Up Wood Lane to Gamble Lane  
Tong Drive around Tong Way back to Gamble Lane (Stop no2 Jnct Tong Gate, Fernlea Ct)17:55 
Water Lane to Butt Lane (past Mc’Donalds) left ontoPudsey Road to Gamble Hill Drive18:05  
Gamble Hill Drive, Queensthorpe Ave, Queensthorpe Rise,Queensthorpe Cl, Back onto Queenthorpe Ave, Gamble HillDrive to Henconner Lane18:20Point 2
North Henconner Lane to Greenthopre Drive. GreenthorpeHill, Greenthorpe Rd, Walk & Mount.18:35Point 3 
Heights Drive, Whingate Rd, Albany Street (ALDI). Right onto Tong Road, Farrow Hill, Farrow Rd, Farrow Vale,Greenthorpe Rd to Pudsey Road.18:55 
Tong Road to Ring Road to Butterbowl Drive, Bawn Ave19:05 
Stonebridge Lane to Hall Lane. Stop near FarnleyCommunity Centre (Terminus).19:15 
Whincover Drive, Bank, Rd, Close (back onto WhincoverDr & Rd). Cobden Road, Pinder Ave19:25 
Cow Cls Road, Cobden Rd, Pinder St, CobdenTerrace leading onto Branch Road.19:30Point 4
Branch Rd, Whitehall Road to Walsh Lane19:35 
Castle Ings Garden, Castle Ings Dr (Stop off 2 mins)19:40  
Low Moor Side, Wolley Ave, WhiteHall Rd, Lawns Lane,Low Moorside. Stop at New Farnley Community Centre19:50 
Lawns Lane, Beechfield (Loop to Stephenson Drive), Turn in Lodge Hill Walk20:00Point 5
Lawns Lane, Maple Dr, Chapel Ln, Cross Ln, Butterbowl Drive20:15 
Bawn Ave to Stonebridge Grove.20:30Finish

The event will also be livestreamed on the Farnley Community Centre Facebook page, with updates on the journey. 

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