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Rubbish left and trees damaged on West Leeds playing fields

These are the images taken earlier today of dumped rubbish left on playing fields in Swinnow and damaged trees.

West Leeds Dispatch was contacted by a Swinnow dog walker, who was left upset and angry at rubbish people had left behind at Hough Top playing fields – and what seems to be vandalism to at least one tree.

Some of the litter left on the playing fields in Swinnow
Some of the rubbish left at Hough Top
Broken tree branches and litter have been left
Barbecues left on the ground

It’s been a scorching weekend weather-wise, with thousands of people flooding to parks, playing fields and gardens to make the most of it.

The dog walker, who asked to remain anonymous, said:

“The rubbish people have left behind: beer cans, pop bottles, disposal BBQs – trees have been vandalised.

“As you can see for yourself it’s a mess. I am sure you will agree, what makes it worse is that the council have now opened the bins so no excuses for this.”

In recent days there have been similar reports on social media about rubbish left in Queens Park in Pudsey and Armley Park.


  1. The same thing has happened on Bramley Park. Not tree damage, but lots of litter strewn about. A very nice young man was collecting some up and putting it in the bin. Well Done to him. We did thank him. Some people do not deserve to have use of our lovely green areas.


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