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Rodley: ‘Unsustainable’ The Owl pub closes its doors

A landmark Rodley pub has closed its doors after its landlord admitted it was no longer sustainable.

The Owl Inn, based in the heart of Rodley, closed in 2013 due to a dispute between the owners Enterprise Inns and a previous landlord. It re-opened a year later after a £300,000 refurbishment.

Landlord Danny Littlewood posted news of the shock closure on the pub’s Facebook page on Saturday. He said:

“It is with deep sadness that I announce the The Owl Rodley will be closing as of Sunday night.

“Due to a culmination of different issues, primarily the high running costs which are no longer sustainable, I have unfortunately been left with no other option.

“I am devastated that it has come to this, and I would like all of our loyal customers to know that this is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

“I would like to say a big thank you to all of of our customers, neighbours and friends for the support you have given us and for making my time in Rodley a good one, to my staff for all of their hard work, and to Laura for her integral role in the re-launch of The Owl.

“On behalf of myself & the team it’s time to say good bye. Thank you all again for your support.”

The decision has been met with sadness on Facebook. Deb Manktelow posted:

“So sorry to hear this, had some fantastic meals in The Owl, it’s so sad another pub has to go … wishing you all the best, Deb & Sharon x”

Nikki Coates added:

“So sad for you guys. Whilst I’ve not been in for a while due to health reasons, I spent many happy memories with my partner and kids before we lost him. My heart goes out to you x”

And Scarlett Keeley Scales added:

“No way! But that’s exactly why we had to give up on Ringway pub in Horsforth!!! The expense just wasn’t viable x”


  1. Sad, I once supplied this pub restaurant with Fresh Veg in the nineties, I lost the contract after I told the Chef I could only deliver 4 mornings a week not daily. I had cut down on visiting the wholesale market for my shop every day due to dwindling trade. The Owl wanted EVERY veg and salad on the their menu delivering EVERY day in small quantities. It had to be fresh from the Wholesale Market THAT day and TOP quality. No wonder the meals were so good. He paid well but ONLY ever wanted the very best, and woe betide any trader who tried to pass off anything but that to his kitchen.. It was brilliant food there back then, with a waiting list to book a meal.. Sad loss, once a fantastic restaurant.


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