Rodley Roundabout nears completion – but is it an improvement?


Work on a new £3.5 million traffic lights scheme to ease congestion at Rodley Roundabout has almost finished.

Road users endured months of delays while the work was carried out, but Leeds City Council says most of the work has been finished, with some minor ‘tweaking’ on the lights to be carried out.

An update on the council website says:

“The Rodley Roundabout Signalisation Scheme is now operational and the traffic lights became active on the 27 August 2015. Some tweaking of the traffic light timings is still ongoing and we thank you for your patience whilst this happens.”

During September work to complete the splitter islands was completed, which included the final surfacing of the islands as well as the installation of street lighting, bollards, pedestrian crossings and guardrails. This month sees landscaping works being carried out to complete the overall appearance of the scheme.

The Rodley roundabout scheme was carried out at the same time as Horsforth Roundabout, which became operational this week.

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