Rodley Roundabout: Housing plans labelled ‘unacceptable and dangerous’

This land next to Oaklands Hand Car Wash at Rodley Roundabout could have become housing. Photo: Google

by John Baron

Plans to build eight detached houses on land off Rodley Roundabout have been labelled ‘unacceptable and dangerous’ by a Calverley & Farsley councillor.

As first reported by WLD on Sunday, the four-bedroom detached homes could be built on disused land next to the Oaklands Service Station, off the Outer Ring Road. Access would be from the car wash site and 13 car parking spaces are planned.

But councillor Peter Carlill has labelled the proposals a ‘non-starter’ and has lodged a ‘strong objection’ to the proposal. He said:

“This site is completely unsuitable for any scale of development due to the means of access – exiting directly on to the Ring Road this close to the roundabout is unacceptable and dangerous.

“Looking at this specific proposal, the site layout contains far too many houses than can fit on this small site and I am sure [it] is not policy compliant. They are much too close together, have a lack of any outdoor amenity space, are overwhelmed by the scale of parking, and are much too close to the existing properties on Hawthorn Grove.

“Although many of the trees, shrubs and other greenery listed on the site are noted as low value, it has been formerly used as an allotment and has a number of fruit trees and other plants remaining. These give the site a strong biodiversity value which should be retained.

“In view of these comments I’m asking that this proposal be refused.”

The applicant is named ‘Iqbal’, and their address is given as the service station. A developer’s planning statement accompanying the application argues the proposed development site is vacant and a derelict parcel of land.

The statement added: “It offers an opportunity to bring it into effective use by the construction of eight dwellings, which would enhance the local environment and contribute towards the Leeds strategy for housing. 

“The proposal is considered to be compliant with the relevant national and local planning policy and approval is sought.”

View – and comment on – the plans in full here.


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