Review: Farsley’s award-winning Croft Street Fisheries

Fish and chips from Croft Street Fisheries in Farsley. Photo: John Baron

Croft Street Fisheries in Farsley was recently named one of the 50 best in the UK as part of the annual Fry Awards. But does its fish really batter the opposition? Should you be going here when the chips are down?

Intrepid local resident Katie Evans went along to try them out…

Fish and chips are my favourite food of all time. There, I’ve said it. I love them and have them at least twice a week. That doesn’t mean they are all good though. There are plenty of average chippies around.

So when I set off from my house in Pudsey to visit the much-hyped and multi award-winning Croft Street Fisheries in Farsley, I was hoping for a good experience.

I got there before noon and there was no queue. The young man who served me was very pleasant and polite, although I must admit the £7.95 for takeaway haddock and chips did shock me a little – the one near my work in Bramley has them pegged at a bargain £6.25. Still, awards must come at a price, I guess…

Croft Street Fisheries in Farsley – any good?

I’m more of a fish person, rather than chips. And this place didn’t disappoint. Decent size, golden brown batter not overdone and not too greasy either. Combine with meaty piece of tasty haddock (no cod please, I’m a Northerner) and you can’t go wrong.

The decent-sized portion of chips were light brown, the potato fluffy. They tasted grand with a healthy(?) dose of salt and vinegar and were filling. Decent chips indeed.

Overall? There’s a lot that can go wrong with fish and chips but Croft Street is, indeed, very good. It looks a clean place and I feel blessed we have places like this in what I call a golden triangle of West Leeds chippies (with Wetherby Whaler and Bearded Sailor in Pudsey and Midgleys in Bramley).

While I’d go back if I was in the area I wouldn’t go out of my way due to the price, but hey, Farsley’s recently been dubbed the new Chapel Allerton – maybe that’s the price they pay in posh North Leeds?

I’d rate Croft Street four stars out of five.

How do you rate them? Where’s your favourite chippy? Have your say in the comments below…


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