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Residents invited to Headingley Stadium public meeting

A public meeting to discuss issues surrounding Headingley Stadium will be held later this month.

The meeting features residents from Kirkstall and Headingley wards, councillors and representatives from Yorkshire Cricket and Leeds Rhinos.

It’s an opportunity to find out about what events and fixtures are planned, work the Stadium is undertaking in the local community and the role of the Cricket and Rugby Foundations – the charitable arms of the clubs.

It is also a chance for people to raise any concerns they may have and work with councillors and stadium bosses to find solutions.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 19 June, 6-7pm, in the Executive Suite.

If you cannot attend, but wish to comment, email Councillor Fiona Venner on fiona.venner@leeds.gov.uk, who will collate the comments and pass to Cllr Jonathan Pryor, who will be chairing the meeting as a Headingley councillor and a near neighbour of the stadium.


  1. Regarding residents and Headingley stadium, I really believe if you buy a property close to a international stadium where world class facilities for events and 2 professional sports are played you have to expect there will be disruptions as events and sport are played, it would be criminal (and currently is criminal) to reduce events because residents have to put up with the consequence of people movement in the area, if you don’t like what goes on at the stadium don’t buy a house near it, it’s the same with people who buy houses near to airports and then complain when they can hear airplanes flying


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