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Residents’ concerns grow over ‘racetrack’ West Leeds road

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves is calling for action to tackle speeding motorists on a busy road branded a “race track” by worried local residents.  

She has written to Leeds City Council’s executive member for transport, Councillor Lisa Mulherin, to press for traffic-calming measures to be installed along Raynville Road. 

Her letter is supported by Armley councillors Lou Cunningham, Jim McKenna and Alice Smart and follows a visit by the Leeds West MP to the road in Armley to hear the concerns of local people and see the problems at first hand. 

Ms Reeves asked residents to tell her their views about the busy road in a survey posted on her Facebook page that has received more than 150 responses since it was posted in July.  

Of those who responded, almost half (48.7%) said they had been involved in a near-miss in or around Raynville Road either as a pedestrian or car driver.  

A total of 121 people left additional comments with many highlighting their concerns about speeding. Two people said their pets had been run over, while another stated that a car had crashed into their shop.  

There were also concerns that the residential streets around the road were used as rat runs and that children were at risk from speeding drivers. Worryingly, two respondents stated that two children have been knocked over by cars in the last six months.   

With regard to a solution, the general consensus was that traffic calming measures were needed urgently on Raynville Road. The most popular suggestion was the installation of speed bumps, although many respondents were also in favour of speed cameras. 

Rachel Reeves said:  

“It’s clear from my survey and talking to local people that they are really worried about the worsening issue of speeding traffic along Raynville Road.  

“It is in everyone’s interests to take action to prevent serious accidents. I would urge the council to install traffic calming measures on Raynville Road as soon as possible.  

“I have also been calling on the council for some time to make all residential roads in Leeds, especially those near schools and parks, 20mph zones.  

“In Leeds West, many schools and parks are on roads where cars can travel at 30mph. Some roads, including Leeds Bradford Road – which goes along Bramley Falls Park – still have 40mph speed limits.   

“I will continue to press the city council to consider implementing a 20mph speed limit on residential roads, especially ones near schools and parks.” 


  1. Same on Wortley road where 3 old people’s homes are won’t be long before someone gets killed idiots must be doing 80 along this small stretch of road between commercial pub and armley town street

  2. Many, Many roads in Leeds are used as race tracks, Leeds City Council are not interested in making our roads safe, I live in west Leeds and have campaigned for years to put calming zones in the Lane where I Live, they finally put up 20mph signs, and several speed cushions, which are not fit for purpose, vehicles are still exceeding 40-50mph, until the Police enforce the laws, nothing will stop speeders and boy racers

  3. Stanningly road is terrible for cars racing on a night back to Bradford. No point changing the speed limit to 20 in some areas. People just don’t abide by it. The stream of vans doing 30 to 40 on our 20 street is just nuts. People just don’t care until it’s too late.

  4. Same on Arlington Road (north Leeds) Leeds City Council have put up 20mph sign and a radar speed checking sign but all they do is try to clock themselves doing 100ph. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed. Spoken to MP and councillors but nothing gets done

  5. Absolutely no point in reducing the speed on Leeds & Bradford Road when people just see the short 20mph section at the end of it as a challenge, and they go as fast as possible. Dreading it once the resurfacing work is completed.

  6. The problem of vehicles speeding and dangerous and noisy drivers has been highlighted by the virus ..these people who constantly use the roads as their personal race tracks are causing distress to the residents in and around the Broad lane area..the problem needs to be highlighted to the council to put speed cameras along the whole of Broad lane
    and stiff fines should be issued to detract these idiots..they are in charge of a dangerous weapon which can and does main and kill ..speed bumps wont detract them as they are in for the thrill of it…
    Please let’s get these boy riders off the roads..get them to race tracks if speed is their idea of fun …


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