Refurbished community centre offers lifeline on Bramley estate

Broadlea community centre
A celebration was held at Broadlea Community Centre in Bramley. Photo: Matthew Shaw

Broadlea Community Centre in Bramley recently had a full renovation led by Overbury, an award-winning renovation company.

It took two weeks, 52 volunteers, 432 hours and £22,127 of donated materials to complete the refurbishment.

Before work began, the ground floor was run down and neglected, and the first floor was completely unusable. The centre now offers vital space to the local community for training, social support and community events.

Following its renovation, the community centre is now a busy hub that is used on a daily basis for a variety of activities and local groups.

Venue: Broadlea Community Centre

On Mondays, the West Leeds Men’s Network runs a regular music group where original song writing is mixed with creative writing and performance.

A local youth group meets for football on Tuesdays, Wednesdays are filled with a Men’s Group and a Girls Youth Group. There’s also a Men’s Digital Inclusion Group who meet regularly and the Bramley Men’s Group started a positive mental health course for men called Survive and Thrive at the end of October. 

The centre is also used by our partners Bramley Care Bears, a local group of volunteers who run food distribution sessions every Friday and Sunday, and a Saturday homework club that runs during term time to provide extra support to young people in Bramley. Find out more about the Bramley Care Bears Group on their Facebook Page.

Broadlea Community Centre is run by Barca-Leeds, a community-based charity who work with a range of partner organisations to deliver transformational projects for adults, children, young people and families in Leeds.

Barca-Leeds also run local Recipe Stations in West Leeds. Recipe Stations take place weekly and provide a free bag of ingredients to every person who wants one with a recipe to make a nutritious and low-cost meal.

Each Recipe Station is open to people in the local community and includes recipes that are easy to recreate at home.

Join the West Leeds Recipe Station Facebook Page to find out more, share your creations and chat with other people sharing recipes and cooking in your area.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more about any of the Barca-Leeds groups and activities taking place in West Leeds, e-mail or call 0113 255 9582.        

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