Reader’s letter: Please support Hollybush Conservation Centre’s autumn appeal


Dear sir,- The Conservation Volunteers at Hollybush touches the lives of hundreds of individuals each year, welcoming more than 10,000 visitors to our gardens, workshops and community cafe. 

Our community includes around 60 regular volunteers at any given time, including 20 learning disability project volunteers. In a given week over 100 people volunteer at Hollybush and across a typical year 500 in total. Some come for a few days, or dip in and out, some we see most weeks.

However, despite our tireless efforts to secure funding, we still find ourselves facing a significant financial shortfall. As we look ahead to the coming year, we must bridge this gap to continue providing the invaluable services that Hollybush offers. If you could spare the price of a coffee or two, our regulars would be profoundly grateful.

People can donate here.

TCV Hollybush is a local office of the national charity The Conservation Volunteers. The vast majority of our funding is earned in the form of grants or contracts secured by the local staff from public bodies (Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and previously parts of the NHS) or by donations from charitable trusts.

Thank you for reading, and if you are passing please do drop in Wednesday to Friday 11-3 to the café for soup, toasties, cake and drinks.  Sunday opening – please check Facebook or Instagram. Or check out the Magical Christmas on Sunday, 10 December.

  • John Preston, TCV Hollybush


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