Pudsey takeaway proposals scuppered by planners


Retrospective planning permission to change of use of number 42 Chapeltown from a retail shop to a hot-food take-away has been refused by council planners.

Two letters of objection to Mr A Hussain’s application were received by the council from local residents.

Cllr Simon Seary (Cons, Pudsey) has also raised concerns. These included no dedicated bin stores, only one door into the property and concerns over the extraction to the front of the building.

A council planning officer’s report refused the retrospective application amid concerns over waste storage and ventilation.

The report concluded: “The Local Planning Authority consider the method of ventilation to be unacceptable by virtue of its location at fascia level therefore below the habitable room windows of the first floor flat above the application site.

“This results in cooking odours entering the habitable rooms of the flat to the detriment of the living conditions of the occupants of that residential property.”

The plans can be viewed here.


  1. Get rid of some of these takeaways in Pudsey, there’s too many and there’s another preparing to open in Lowtown, and while we’re at it don’t allow anymore barbers or hairdressers to open, Pudsey starting to look like Armley, we’re losing the place to ferrel kids and foreign shops

  2. Debra, why should we be “getting rid” of anything just because you don’t like it? These businesses are clearly popular and there’s a demand for them, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. Last I looked we live in a democracy and people can set whatever businesses they want up. On this occasion it didn’t meet the necessary legal planning conditions re extractors etc, but it’s not down to some all-powerful body deciding to ‘get rid’ of businesses Debra from Pudsey doesn’t happen to use.
    Do you really want a council to have powers to they can just ‘get rid’ of businesses you might not like? Would that be that fair on the people who work hard to run takeaways or hairdressers? Last I looked we lived in a democracy, not Communist China or Russia.
    If you have ideas for alternative businesses – and I agree it would be nice to have a wider variety of businesses in Pudsey – go set one up if it’s such a winning idea. That’s how it works.

  3. This Small Business has been Fantastic Since they have opened and their reviews on various platforms speak volumes and its a shame the minority of the local people are against them earning a honest living to feed their family especialy in the current crisis we are living in with the costs on most things going up. Ive ordered from this place so many times and they have been brilliant from their food quality to service. Big shame the Local Council have not approved as this business was a good addition to the community.

  4. It’s sad to see another business close down in pudsey. This is definitely a huge loss to the local community. And I am absolutely appalled by Debra’s comment especially about “feral kids” and “foreign shops” you can’t get any more racist than that and it’s absolutely disgusting.

    • Jennifer. Why are you appalled? The previous correspondent made comments about “feral kids”, which you only have to go into the bus station to see that they have a point. And foreign shops. Was this detrimental or racist in any way? We have Turkish barbers, who are “foreign”. We have Chinese and Asian takeaways, who are foreign. The “foreign” people, or people who make our community richer by their diversity, as we are now a multicultural society, and, in my opinion enriched by that, have come here and integrated into society. And are welcomed. Just because the write refers to a business doeas not make them racist. Or perhaps it may be a good idea, before you post, to look up what the word racist implies. And, by the way, I have travelled through over 40 countries in the world, and do not consider myself “racist” in any way, due to the circle of friends I have from all over the world.!!


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