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Pudsey St Lawrence nets £70k towards clubhouse extension

A Pudsey cricket club has secured a £70,000 grant towards the building of an extension to its clubhouse.

Pudsey St Lawrence is adding a single-storey extension to the existing clubhouse at their Tofts Road ground.

The new extension will feature a bar area, toilets, new seating area and a beer cellar.

St Lawrence this week confirmed it has received money from funding partners Grantscape, The National Lottery & The ECB and aims to start work at the end of the current cricket season.

A club statement said:

“The planning of the new extension has taken over three years after the club committed to provide its members, sport partners and the wider Pudsey community with more capacity at Tofts Road due to club’s continued growth in usage.

“The extension aims to provide 27 more seats in a bespoke space that will have its own bar and coffee outlet. The facility will also provide access to a new patio area to replace the current decking area.

“Our project was judged to provide real value to our local community mainly due to the support provided by letters of support and the positive testimonies of our friends and partners in LS28.

“Now that our funding package is in place the club are working up the plans for the internal décor and configuration, with a provisional plan to start the build at the end of the season.”

The club received planning permission for the extension in November 2020.


  1. What a nonsense,this application does not have any benefits for the wider community (this is a members club)and the extension and facilities will only be used by a select few.HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY YOUR PRIVILEGED ACCESS.


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