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Pudsey school ‘highly ambitious’ for its pupils, Ofsted inspectors say

Lowtown Primary School in Pudsey continues to be a good school, Ofsted inspectors have said.

Inspectors said leaders are highly ambitious for pupils in the Kent Road school, which is reflected in the curriculum that leaders have developed. 

“Pupils enjoy their learning in this school,” the Oftsed report says. “The curriculum is being regularly refined and improved. Leaders are ambitious for pupils academically and in relation to their personal development.

“Pupils know they are cared for. As one pupil said, ‘All the teachers are there for you. They really care’.”

There is also a clear focus on the teaching of early reading, inspectors say.

In terms of improvements, inspectors note the checks leaders make on their curriculum subjects do not always focus on the way the curriculum is being taught to the pupils who are in danger of falling behind, including those pupils with SEND. As a result, tasks in some lessons are not structured as precisely as they could be to support these learners to be more successful.

The report can be read in full here.


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