New crossing helps pedestrians in Pudsey town centre


A new pedestrian crossing in Pudsey will provide a safer way to cross a busy town centre road, councillors have said.

The new zebra crossing, on Robin Lane, is aimed at improving the safety of a road where a number of accidents have taken place.

Work also included junction alteractions at adjoining Manor House Street.

Cllr Richard Lewis (Pudsey, Lab) said:

“More people cross Robin Lane near its junction with Manor House Street than any other location in Pudsey, thanks to its proximity to Claremont Grove and the Longfields, so it made perfect sense to make it safer by turning it into a proper pedestrian crossing.

“Moving quickly to take advantage of August, the quietest month of the year on the roads, Leeds City Council altered the layout of Manor House Street to provide better parking for coaches picking up in Pudsey.

“The work took a little longer than expected because the team uncovered a problem with a collapsed drain – one of the problems when digging up roads in Pudsey is that there are many sewers, drains and the like that just don’t show up on any maps.”

Cllr Lewis said the road markings have now been installed and all that’s needed to finish off the job is for the Council’s partner SSE to provide an electric supply so the Belisha beacons can be erected.

Reactions on Facebook have been mixed, with some criticising its location so close to the junction at Manor House Street. Others

“Perfect for pedestrians, drivers will have to use eyes that’s all – not too hard, is it?”

As reported by The Dispatch in May, the Pudsey site of one of three in West Leeds earmarked for road safety improvements. A council report said at the time:

“To date there have been a total of three slight pedestrian related accidents in past five years at this location.

“The provision of a formal crossing would provide improved connectivity within Pudsey district centre for a location that experiences exceptionally high crossing numbers, including specific documented demand from older people and children.”

Coal Hill Lane (on the border of Bramley and Farsley) and Leeds and Bradford Road in Bramley are also set for improvements.






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